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One of our favourite ways to amp up our eyes will definitely be using dramatic false lashes. While most of us know how to wear natural-looking ones, we may be a little intimidated when it comes to those that look more va-va-voom.

Of course, while these are not for your black-tie parties, they’re definitely great for those dinner-and-dance events where the theme allows you to get creative. Is Glitz & Glamour the theme? Or cabaret? These two lashes that we’ve picked from Star Lash are going to be perfect.

Rhinestone lashes make looking glamorous extra effortless. We love this pair (FA35, SGD16.90) because the rhinestones are on both sides of the lashes. This means that they can be seen from every angle.

rhinestone lashes

This looks great with smoky eyes in nude colours. This is so that the attention can be drawn to the rhinestone, instead of just the eye makeup. Don’t forget to put mascara on your lower lashes as well, to balance out the look.



Here is a video to demonstrate how it looks on me:

If you’re looking for something more dramatic, you may love this pair of feather lashes (FB20, SGD14.90). We love how the details are only at the ends and the way they move as the eyes flutter.

feather lashes

Because this pair of lashes are mainly in black, feel free to go a little more creative with the eyeshadow. The safest way is to complement your eyeshadows with what you’re wearing.


See how this gorgeous pair of lashes move as I blinked:

Note: In the above looks created by Frost from Star Lash, using Chacott products, my makeup aren’t complete. Here are other tips for completing the look:

  • Remember to use a primer before you start the entire regime. This is to ensure that colours are enhanced and makeup stays all night long.
  • Begin with your eye makeup before you even move to the base makeup. Because the entire look is centred around the eyes, you have to make sure that the rest of the makeup goes with the eye makeup, not the other way around.
  • Don’t forget to fill in your brows. A strong eye look has to be complemented with complete brows.
  • Curl your lashes before you apply the false lashes. This will ensure that they “gel” together. For embellished lashes, it’s not recommended to apply mascara to “gel” your real and false lashes together, because you may be destroying the embellishment.
  • For your lips, choose a colour that will complement the style of your lashes.

Star Lash products are available at BHG, Isetan, John Little, Nishino Pharmacy, [email protected] 100AM, Pink Beauty, Robinsons, SASA, Watsons and beauty speciality stores around Singapore. Visit http://beautydirect.com.sg/ for more information.

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