You have that one friend who always seems so put-together. She smells good all day long too, whereas for you, you head out smelling like peonies and jasmine but by lunch that freshly comforting scent has started to wane off and you are beginning to smell a lot like your workplace or worse, your lunch. Want to know the secrets of your sweet-smelling friend? They’re revealed here:

1. She washes her hair before she heads out for the day

washing hair

Our scalp secretes oil even while we sleep, and while you may still feel “fresh” when you get out of bed, by mid-day the accumulation of sebum on the scalp since bed-time may be the reason why your hair doesn’t smell as good as you wish. The woman who smells good all the time takes time to wash her hair in the morning. Besides getting rid of the oil, the scent from the shampoo will also continue to be released to make your hair smell good for the rest of the day.

2. She carries a roller-ball fragrance oil in her purse

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If your favourite perfume already has a rollerball version or a miniature version, get hold of it! Sometimes you can ask the beauty advisor for one when you purchase the full-size perfume. Otherwise, get a portable roller-ball fragrance bottle and fill it up with your favourite scent. Adopt this good habit: Slip one of these small vials into your handbag all the time. Apply a small amount at your pulse points (read: inner side of wrists and behind your ears) as touch-ups throughout the day. They are also certainly handy on days you forget to spritz on perfume before you head out of the house.

3.  She doesn’t rub her fragrance after she has sprayed it on

rub fragrance


We always do this: spray the fragrance on our wrists and rub our wrists together to spread the fragrance. Well, the woman who always smells good doesn’t. It is a common misconception that rubbing your wrist together helps even out the scent, it actually doesn’t. According to research, rubbing the fragrance creates friction between the perfume and your skin’s natural oils, hastening the scent experience causing the top note to be lost at a quicker rate. Read more perfume tips that we have previously shared. Instead of rubbing, simply dab your wrists gently against each other if you wish to even out the amount of perfume sprayed.

4. She remembers to gargle


Oral hygiene is as important as body hygiene! Gargle using mouthwash to kill the germs and keep bad breath at bay. Avoid mouthwash that contains alcohol because while it gets rid of bad breath in the short run, it may cause bad breath in the long run. This is because alcohol has a drying effect and this encourages bacteria to build up in the mouth, making your breath worse.

5. She applies body lotion before she heads to bed

It must be so tempting to dive straight into those fluffy duvets after you have hit the showers. But beauty comes at a price, doesn’t it? You should make it your habit to moisturise your body with lotion before you head to bed. The lotion gets absorbed by your skin while you sleep and you will smell naturally amazing. Having better-moisturised skin also helps your perfume last longer when you spray it on yourself in the morning.