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Cushion foundations are all the rage now, with almost every major cosmetic brand hopping onto the cushion compact bandwagon. What’s there not to love about a liquid foundation packaged in a portable compact that fits easily in your makeup pouch, all while offering lightweight and controllable coverage with no spill or mess. As with all things new, there is bound to be a learning curve to it, and you could be unknowingly making some mistakes. Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered. Here are five things you should refrain from doing in order to get that flawless finish you deserve.

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1. Using it like you would a normal liquid foundation


You might be tempted to simply swipe the product all over your face – after all, that’s what we’re used to, right? However, when you do that with the cushion puff, you run the risk of having streaky foundation lines on your face. Instead, try a light swipe from the centre of your face upwards and outwards to spread the foundation first, followed by gentle tapping motions to blend it in. It’s kind of like “stamping” your face. Look forward to smooth, even coverage!

2. Overloading the puff with too much foundation



In the quest to get out of the door as fast as possible in the morning (we feel you!), you might be picking up too much product on your puff, which could result in a caked on look. Here’s a tip: A little goes a long way when it comes to cushion foundation. Don’t press the puff into the cushion too hard. Aim to gradually build coverage in light layers to achieve a natural looking second skin coverage.

3. Not folding your puff to get to the hard to reach areas


The area around our nose, mouth, and under the eyes are delicate regions that require precise application to target them. The cushion compact puff is so pliable for a reason, so instead of trying to fit the puff however you can, gently fold your puff into half and use it to dab onto those hard to reach corners for a polished look.

4. Concealing before applying cushion foundation


Cushion foundations offer a good base coverage on its own. Instead of using concealer before the cushion foundation – which may result in an uneven and blotchy finish – apply concealer afterwards on the areas you feel need more coverage (e.g. under-eye, blemishes, scars etc). With the good coverage that most cushion foundations offer, you might even consider skipping concealer altogether!

5. Not flipping the sponge



Not related to coverage, but we figured we should get this nifty tip out there. Cushion compacts run out much faster than their liquid foundation cousins. Instead of wasting precious product and cash by trashing it the moment it (appears to) runs dry, you should flip the sponge. You will find more product hidden on the reverse side of the sponge, thus maximising every last drop and getting more use out of it. Of course, clean hands or tools and a gentle touch should always be employed to avoid contamination and/or physical damage to the sponge.

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