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For as long as facial mists have been in the market, most women are still confused what they are actually for, how they are supposed to be used, and why they should be paying almost twenty dollars for something you can get readily from a tap. Aren’t mists just water in a fancy bottle with a nozzle? (Nope!) How different is it from washing your face with tap water and leaving it to dry? (Very different!)

So, what are facial mists?

Facial mists are a water-based skincare product that is applied using a spray. It boosts many different properties, but is most commonly known for hydration.

Are facial mists only for hydration?

face mist

Traditionally, facial mists were created for hydrating skin. These old school mists mainly use thermal or mineral water, which are known for their rich hydrating properties.

Even these traditional hydrating facial mists have been given new twists; they promise to hydrate skin even with makeup applied on, and some have additional ingredients like essential oils, botanical extracts and glycerin to boost its hydrating properties.

There is also a new generation of facial mists that have been created, including those that promise to tighten your skin, lift ageing skin, improve wrinkles, prep your face for makeup application, and help to set makeup.

Okay, so how do I use these fancy sprays?


In general, you should be holding the spray 12-15cm away from your face before spraying, and patting it around your face. Patting the mist out is necessary because the nozzle might not have been strong enough to ensure the droplets reach every part of your face. The only exception would be if you were applying it on top of your makeup, as patting might cause non-waterproof makeup to smudge.

However, whether you should wipe off the excess depends on the type of facial mist you are using. For the traditional mists, you should dab off the excess water within two minutes because these traditional mists do not have additional hydrating ingredients that help to hold the moisture on your skin. This means that natural moisture is stripped off your face as the mist evaporates, which will make your skin drier than before. On the other hand, feel free to leave those with added hydrating ingredients to dry on your face naturally.

As for the new generation of facial mists, they promise varying qualities, and it might be hard to ascertain whether wiping off the excess is necessary. As a rule of thumb, if you’re unsure what yours is made up of, we suggest you dab the excess off after two minutes.