When did you start having a skincare routine? For most of us, in our 20s, probably. But is there an age limit to using skincare products? Parents, have you ever wondered when you should start their children with a skincare routine?

Should children use skincare products?


For young children, you’ll notice that their skin is flawless, and doesn’t seem to “need” any skincare products at all. However, having a  habit of washing face with a cleanser is a good routine to have. After all, children are also susceptible to perspiring, and the exposure to environmental pollution. It is a good hygiene habit to cleanse skin thoroughly using a gentle cleanser.

Just like adults, children will also benefit from wearing a good sunscreen daily, and especially when they’re outdoors. This will keep them from burning, and to prevent pigmentation from developing from a young age.

When it comes to skincare, instead of trying to make children’s skin look even better, it is more of a precautionary measure, as well as helping children adopt the habit of good skincare from a young age.

Teenage: When you need a “real” skincare regime

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Because of hormonal changes, the sebum glands in a teenager go into overdrive, and this is when he/she will see the appearance of pimples. The oilier skin is also something the teenager will need to start grappling with.

This is probably the point in life when a person needs to start on a proper skincare routine: cleanse, tone, and moisturise. Proper cleansing ensures that impurities are removed and the skin is kept clean so inflammation can be prevented. This helps to keep pimples at bay. Toning balances the skin’s pH level so that skin will not be too oily. Finally, moisturising keeps skin feeling comforted and supple.

On top of these, a teenager may find having a pimple-clearing gel useful. This product will help pimples heal faster and properly, so that he/she will not be tempted to touch them, causing more inflammation. Finally, a sunscreen is always important to a good skincare routine.

Adulthood: Skincare according to your needs

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The earlier you start skincare, the better your skin will be, scientists have found. A person who is used to adopting a skincare regime from young will find it easy to take care of his/her skin in adulthood.

Adults shouldn’t be using the products that they used as teenagers. This is because our skin needs evolves as we age. In our 20s, we tend to need products that will help our skin look less fatigue, and for our complexion to appear more radiant. It is also the right time to start the prevention of signs of ageing, as well as investing in an eye cream.

As we reach our 30s and 40s, our skin usually needs more help with hydration and anti-pigmentation, and those beyond their 50s will find an anti-ageing regime more helpful.

When did you start having a skincare regime?