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Throughout my life, my mother had shared with me and my sisters many things she would have done differently, aka her regrets. Thankfully giving birth to us wasn’t one of her regrets.

Every time when she shares with us her regrets, usually by nagging, she will say this to us “I’m telling you this because I don’t want this to happen to you”.

If we filter the tonality and focus on the words our mums bestow to us, we will be able to find nuggets of gold. We can learn from their experiences and avoid making the same mistakes.

Knowing that I’m dating a beauty editor, my mum started to dish out beauty tips that I have never read about in the magazines. It might not be scientifically-proven, but I found them quite logical.

1) When you wash your face

Don’t drag your skin downwards when washing your face. You are helping gravity to do their job. Follow what the commercial does by splashing water on your face instead. We have other tips that help you avoid sagging skin in an older article – read it too if you’re vain like us.

PS: Don’t wet the floor. If you do wet the floor, please dry it up to prevent the seniors at home from slipping. 


2) When you dry your face

Use a face towel instead of the usual body towel. Because your body towel may have residual soap (comparatively more than the face towel) that will dirty your face.

And again, don’t drag your face with the towel. Pat your face dry with it.

3) When you apply toner to your face

It is always easier to drag the cotton pad downwards from your cheekbones to your chin. All these downwards dragging motion will make our skin weaker and we will soon need to invest in lifting cream to fight against gravity.

Instead of dragging the cotton pad downwards, drag it upwards to “lift” the skin up.


Did you mum share with you any beauty tips before? Share with us! We want to know too! (Oh, and Kristen Juliet will share what her mum taught her in an article soon. Look out for it.)