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Keith shared what his mother has taught him about grooming. In a bid to make sure my mum doesn’t lose out I thought I should share with you what my mum has taught me too!

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Invest in the good stuff: My mum told me that I should spend money on good products that work. We should never stint on skincare products because we have only one face,  and it’s what we use to face (no pun intended) the world with. It is not to be mistaken as her encouraging me to buy only luxury products and forgo drugstore brands. Instead, it means that if Product X works better for me, but costs more than Product Y, I should invest in X, instead of getting Y which is cheaper but doesn’t work. But of course, if a cheaper product works better – by all means get it!

If you can only have one product, it’ll be sunscreen: This has somewhat became a mantra that Daily Vanity has been preaching all these while, and upon reflection, I realise the wisdom came from my mother. She was the one who got me my first bottle of sunscreen and reminded me to use it faithfully. While she doesn’t understand the science behind it, she knows that sun protection is key to protecting your skin from spots and discoloration, as well as signs of ageing.

If you want to pick up one “life skill”, consider makeup lessons: My mum attended makeup classes when she was a young adult and she had always appreciated what she’s learnt. She felt that wearing makeup is a form of “courtesy” to the people you’re meeting, and is essential at the workplace. Makeup can enhance your looks and make you look more energetic – definitely a good impression to create in the office. Lucky for me, I didn’t pay for classes, but picked up some techniques from my mother (by watching her do her makeup when I was a child and her doing makeup for me when I grew older). These days, as her eyes weaken with age, our roles reversed. I’m her makeup artist for important events and it’s so amazing to touch her face and realise how much our features are alike. I can’t help but wonder if I’d look like a carbon copy of her when I reach her age.

P/S: My mum was featured in this article, where she reviewed two products with me.

How about you? What did your mother teach you about beauty?


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