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Statistics don’t stand on the side of new year’s resolutions. According to a study by the University of Scranton. Journal of Clinical Psychology last year, only 39% of people in their twenties achieve their resolution each year. And it seems that as you get older, your chance of failing increase: the study says only 14% of those past 50 achieve them.

Because I was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, and after a very tough, scary and tiring battle, I am finally in remission, I feel like I’ve been given a new chance at life. So these statistics don’t intimidate me from making resolutions for 2015 – the year I feel like I need to start afresh.

These are mine, when it comes to the beauty arena (I have other goals, of course, which I’m not sharing here):

1. Learn how to style short hair: I’ve never had short (boyish) hair. And now, I lost all of my (very long) hair to chemotherapy. While it has begun to grow out, it’ll definitely take some time before it grows to a length I’m more familiar with. And before it gets to that length, I’d like to learn how to style it. YouTube video tutorials, here I come!

2. Take hair care more seriously: I’ve always had voluminous, long hair, so the hair loss makes me take it less for granted now. When my hair grows out, I resolve to pamper it with hair masque once a week.

3. Invest in hair accessories: I’ve already bought a number of hairbands to dress up my wig and when my own hair grows out, I’m going to embellish it too.

4. Use sunscreen more religiously: I never leave home without sunscreen, but I don’t reapply it midday, nor apply it onto my body. I will start doing this in 2015.

5. Pamper my skin with facial mask: I’ve amassed so many facial masks that I keep forgetting to use. I know that mask application never fails to leave my skin feeling soft and smooth, so it’s something I should be doing more frequently. In 2015, it shall be twice a week – every Sunday and Wednesday.

6. Indulge my body with lotion: Long stays in the hospital somehow leaves my skin dry and scaly. I need to make up to it by treating it with more TLC. Body lotion shall be part of my nightly ritual.

7. Throw out products that I haven’t been using: I horde beauty products, especially makeup. I might have bought something at the spur of the moment, only to realise that I don’t or can’t really use it often. Then, it just sits in my collection, collecting dust. It’s time to tell myself to give up on unrequited love and throw it out. Spring-cleaning is overdue!

8. Apply eyeshadow to work: I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes but it’s ironic that while I write about beauty, I hardly find the time and am sometimes too lazy to apply eyeshadow to work. On a regular day, it’s just eyeliner and mascara. This upcoming year, I shall apply eyeshadow to work every day – even if it’s just one colour.

9. Fall asleep before 1am: I stay up a lot and typically sleep after 2am. Insufficient sleep isn’t just bad for health, but also affects skin. While insufficient sleep isn’t a trigger for cancer or cancer relapse, I see it as one of the things I want to do as part of healthier living. What’s more, my skin will definitely thank me (I’m turning 30 next year and obviously, metabolism won’t be on my side). To get to dreamland by 1am, I will prepare for bedtime by 12.30am.

10. Frown less: I’m beginning to see signs of frown lines between my brows – an obvious sign of negative mood, no thanks to a not-so-good year. This upcoming year, I’m going to stay happy and frown less. You’re allowed to call me out if you catch me frowning, okay?

What are your new year resolutions?

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