Check your makeup stash. How many lipliners do you own? Most people may not even own any; unless you’re a makeup artist, or you just really take your lipstick game seriously, then you’re likely to have a few.
It may seem redundant, especially when you’ll end up covering the lip liner with your lipstick colour, anyway. But these five reasons for using a lip liner will make you change your mind about it. You’ll be surprised at how that extra step can affect your lipstick throughout the day.

1. Lipstick won’t bleed

why you need lipliner_lipstick bleed
Some lip products have formulas that can cause your lip colour to “bleed” outside of your lip area after a while. Lining your lips with a lip liner can help to prevent this, as it acts like a barrier to contain the lip colour within your lip area. This is especially important if you’re using a bold lip shade.

2. Clean lines when you apply dark or bold lip colours

why you need lipliner_clean lines
Lining your lips prior to applying any bold colours not only will prevent it from bleeding, it will also create clean “lines” after you’re done with your lipstick application. As a pencil, a lip liner has more precision compared to a creamy lipstick bullet. This will help keep your bold lips from looking messy.

3. Make lipstick last longer

why you need lipliner_last long
Other than the purpose of just lining the lips, you can also fill your whole lips using the lip liner and apply your lipstick on top of it. This will help your lipstick last longer because it has the texture of the lip liner underneath to adhere to. Also, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the awkward lip line after you’ve had a burger!

4. When lipstick wears off, there’s still colour on your lips

why you need lipliner_stained
Following #3, if and when your lipstick wears off, there’s still going to be colour on the lips. It beats having to walk around with an uneven lip shade until you manage to find the next restroom to reapply your lipstick!

5. It can help create the ombre lips effect and alter shades of lipstick

why you need lipliner_ombre lips
The ombre lips effect is all the rage now and you can easily create it with the help of a lip liner. Using different shades from a same colour family of lip liners, you’ll be able to create a more precise ombre lips look, compared to trying to blend out different lipsticks. You can also make use of lip liners to alter shades of lipstick to make it darker, or lighter.