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It’s certainly annoying to have your nail polish chip off just a few days after you apply them. Nobody likes to have imperfect nails especially after you took much time and effort to paint them yourselves. So here, we provide you with eight tricks to keep your nails perfect!

1. Always apply a base coat

base coat

No, this is not a ploy to get you to spend more money! Base coats stick to nails better than nail polish, hence are very essential in keeping your nail polish on for as long as possible. Some base coats even smooth out roughness, thus giving your polished nails a more even texture! Furthermore, a base coat is often less damaging than nail polish, so it acts as a barrier to protect your nails from greater harm.

DV Tip: Sticky base coats work better – use a base coat that feels a little tacky when dry as it grips polish better.

2. Always apply a top coat

apply top coat

Again, this is not a marketing ploy. Top coats seal in the polish to prevent chipping, and also provide your nails with an extra shine!

DV Tip: Quick-dry top coats are up and coming in the market, but while they are appealing, they do not do the best for long-lasting manicure. As they evaporate fast, the polish might be left prone to dents and chips. Choose slower-acting top coats for a longer lasting finish. Spending more time waiting for it to dry is certainly worth the beautiful nails.

3. Make sure your nails are clean before applying anything

The whole idea for lasting nail polish is to make it stick to your nails as best as possible. Hence, any dirt or oil on your nails before application may affect the durability of your nail polish.

clean nails


DV Tip: After washing your hands, you may clean your nails using an acetone polish remover to get any remaining oil and dirt off your nails.

4. The three-stroke rule

The general rule of thumb is to apply polish on your nails in three strokes (well, it also depends on the size of your nails) – one stroke in the centre and one down each side. This is to minimise over-layering the polish. Thicker nail polish takes longer to dry and sometimes, its surface appears dry but the bottom layers are not. Also, always allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat.

This diagram we found on Pinterest sums it up perfectly:

how to paint nails

5. Paint across the free edge and underneath your nails

diy manicure

Free edge = the part of the nail that has been clipped or filed. This simple trick prevents water damage to your nails, hence preventing your nail polish from chipping. Also, nail tips are where chipping and cracking begin. Polishing the nail tips and slightly under the nails helps to mitigate this problem and lead to longer-lasting manicure.

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