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Instagram and Snapchat are the apps we use at least a few times a day, and don’t pretend that you don’t pay attention to the person who looks the best in a group selfie. If you want to be the one who stands out in every photo – psst, come a little closer – here are some tricks you can consider and do it the smart way.

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1. Say aye to high

Photos taken at a low angle or straight-on make you look larger. If you want your face to look slimmer (than your friend’s), keep to a high angle. You’ll see what we mean from this video:

Smart trick: Take a selfie while sitting, with your friend who’s standing, to make sure you’re getting a good high-angle shot.

2. Make it to fake it

Makeup can help create the illusion of a smaller face and sharper facial contours. What you’ll need are bronzing powder, highlighting powder, and blusher to do the trick. Watch this video to have an idea how to do it (skip to around 2.43 mark to see the start of tutorial):

Smart trick: Excuse yourself to touch-up with your bronzer when you know that a selfie is happening soon. Especially with the help of Instagram filters, your contouring makeup is going to look even more natural and will help define your face even more.

3. Crush what’s harsh

Soft light softens silhouette, whereas harsh lights make everything look more prominent – including the size of your face.

Smart trick: If you’re at a place with inconsistent lighting, avoid standing right under harsh, fluorescent light. Also, say no to flash if you can.

4. Chin up to size down

Besides manipulating camera angle (see tip #1), it’s also about facing the camera with the right angle to create the illusion of sharper face.

Smart trick: To look more photogenic, stick your chin out slightly. It may look a little unnatural in real life but will look fantastic in photos. Read more about how to look better in pictures with this trick. Otherwise, practise in front of the mirror to find the best angle for yourself.

5. Pass the buck

Unfortunately the person who holds the camera is going to end up closer to the lens, and her face will look the largest in the image. The photographer will usually be too distracted to practise the first four tips too, which may only make her look worse.

Beauty Junkie Stereotypes_Selfie 2

Smart trick: Always appoint your friend to be the photographer. Tell her that you’ve got shaky hands or are bad with selfies.

6. Actually, why not BE the real deal?

If you think you need to lose those chubby cheeks, consider going on a slimming regime. Start off with drinking sufficient water and be prudent with the calories you’re consuming, and you’ll be able to start seeing some reduction in your weight.

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