Looking great in the bridal gown is one of the most important parts of the wedding to a bride. After all, it’s the only time you would wear something that you can only imagine a fairytale princess in. Jot these tips down if you want to look great in all your photos so you’ll feel happy looking through them on every anniversary.

1. Show off your best assets


It’s easier to work with a dress that flatters your figure. Is there a feature you’d like to highlight? If you have sexy collarbones, don’t hide them away with a high-neck dress, and if you have legs that go on forever, consider going for a dress that show them off. On the contrary, if you, for instance, are insecure about your love handles, don’t go for a dress with a plunging back.

Editor’s recommendation: Nouvel Emoi Noir Long Line Bra (SGD112.75). This helps to give your cleavage a boost so that your assets are enhanced.

2. Wear the right undergarments


What you wear under the dress is actually just as important – if not, more important – than the dress itself. Wearing well-fitted undergarments help flaunt your curves, and at the same time, choosing a shaper can help to tuck in the extra rolls.

Editor’s recommendation: Bodyline Sculptor RIVOLI – Slimming Underdress (SGD200). This shapewear aids in reducing the look of cellulite and water retention as it releases fat-busting ingredients in the fabric to help visibly achieve a svelte silhouette. The ultra-thin camisole also combines a smoothing body with a non-compression bust that fits every chest. For Daily Vanity readers only, you can get the Slimming Underdress at a 15% discount by calling Marie France Bodyline at 1800-7777-111 and quote “15% Daily Vanity”

3. Go on a slimming regimen before the wedding

wedding plans

For a more long-term solution, the better option will probably be to plan a slimming regimen before the wedding day. Meet up with a slimming expert like Marie France Bodyline, one of Asia’s leading slimming authorities.

Editor’s recommendation: There is always a solution for you at Marie France Bodyline, but we always recommend brides to plan ahead. Two months away from the wedding day? Consider going for Marie France Bodyline’s six-week Curve Up programme, which can help you speed up your metabolism rate, and in turn redefine your figure. This programme is targeted to help to sculpt and redefine your curves, targeting problem areas such as your arms, or tummy, or thighs, to make sure you look fabulous in your wedding dress.

4. Boost your height

wedding heels

To look slimmer visually, wear heels. This tricks the eyes into reapportioning your size over a taller silhouette, and thus, making you look slimmer immediately. If comfort is still a concern, try on the shoes before the wedding to wear them out a little – make sure your wedding day is not the first day you’re wearing those shoes (you know how new shoes can feel!)

Editor’s recommendation: Jimmy Choo Ivory Satin Pointy Toe Pumps with Crystal Detail at (approximately SGD1038). This pair of heels isn’t just gorgeous and comfortable – it’s versatile too, so you can wear them even after your wedding.

5. If you want to show skin, choose only one part to flaunt

wedding 1

Showing a lot of cleavage, baring your back, and showing your legs all at the same time won’t work – you’ll end up looking like you’re wearing a trashy Halloween costume. At the same time, it exposes all areas that you’re insecure with. Decide on just one area to flaunt and work with your dress designer to make sure it has perfect fit to ensure there will be no wardrobe malfunction. Feeling confident in your wedding dress will make you look better instantly.

Editor’s recommendation: Allure Couture Low Back Wedding Dress. The back is one of the sexiest features of a woman that’s often neglected. If you’d like to show your sexy back, this is one dress to consider.


This article is specially brought to you by Marie France Bodyline.

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