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korean straight brows

Everyone’s riding on the “Korean wave” which includes, K-pop, and K-dramas. Rightfully so, since the Koreans have a killer sense of fashion and beauty. One of the beauty trends that everyone seems to have adopted is the straight brow. Even Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman has been reported to sport them!

Korean Straight brows_Natalie Portman


Korean Straight Brows_Jessica Alba


What is it?

Korean Straight Brows 1


Straight eyebrows are almost exactly what its name suggests. We naturally have an eyebrow arch and traditionally, we would use makeup to put some definition to it. However, for straight brows, there is little, or almost no brow arch at the brow bone area. Apparently, this eyebrow shape can be attributed to cultures where the brows grow naturally straight without any arch. Instead of going to great lengths to achieve an arch, they just make do with their straight brows.

What’s the big hoo-haa about?

Straight eyebrows are a big hit in Korea and all around the world now because it makes one look younger! More specifically, it’s supposed to make you look like you’re in your teens (think of ungroomed, natural brows). Other than that, it’s also much easier to maintain, depending on the natural brows of each person.

Give me some straight brows!

Straight brows can make one look expressionless. So this look would be best for those who have smaller features. But if you’re feeling experimental, here are a couple of things you can do:

1. Using concealer

Bear in mind that this would only work if you naturally have thin brow hairs or for photography purposes. If you have thick brow hairs, this might not work for you. You can still attempt to do it, but we recommend you only doing so for photography purposes, because it will look unnatural in real life.

Create the shape of the straight brow by drawing it using a brow powder or pencil. Next, take a high coverage concealer that matches your skin tone to conceal the brow hairs that do not lie within the shape that you have just drawn.

Be sure to blend the concealer well!

Here’s a video that teaches you how to achieve the straight eyebrow look, and the difference between regular and Korean straight brows:

2. Head to a brow bar

Going to a brow bar, or a brow expert would help a lot as they know what they’re doing. They can help you draw in the brow shape you desire so you’ll be able to visualise how you will look like if you go ahead to get your brows done a la your favourite K-pop star. Furthermore, they’ll make you leave with amazing-looking brows that’ll make you break out into a song and dance of your favourite K-pop hit.

The brow experts will also let you know if the look would match your face type or not. Benefit’s Brow Bar and Browhaus are two great brow outlets you could go to.

Brows are VERY important as they help frame your face. You will be amazed at how good-looking brows can make you look and feel like you can conquer the world. Not to mention, nothing beats the feeling of neat, and clean looking brows!