Happy Lunar New Year!

I was at Make Up For Ever Ngee Ann City to attend the Instant Brightening Make Up Lesson. One of the “Simply Perfect Complexion” lessons, this only takes 30 minutes and its objective is to educate women on the techniques and steps to create a bright look for every day wear (instead of selling its products).

These are the tools of the day:

make up for ever 1

Of these, the White Definition powder foundation (SGD20 for the empty case, SGD65 for the refill & sponge) is the star among the tools. It features ultra-fine powders and pigments, as well as UVA/UVB protection to help skin look translucent and flawless without looking cakey and dry. It is also comfortable to wear and helps to eliminate the appearance of dull complexion.

My coach of the day is Amber.

make up for ever 2

The very first step to creating a bright and flawless canvas is prepping the skin. This first step helps to make sure the skin is ready for makeup by hydrating it and improving its radiance. The UV Prime (pictured below, left) was used. Then, skin is primed with the HD Primer to help correct skin tone, as well as help foundation last longer.

make up for ever 3

Thereafter, foundation is applied to according to the complexion texture that you like. In the case of this lesson, we want to create a matte finish that is bright and radiant, so the White Definition is used.

White Definition gives a very good coverage and a very smooth-looking finish.

Then, Amber taught me how to use the High Definition Concealer.

make up for ever concealer

The concealer comes in a pen form, making it super easy to use. You can use it liberally to concealer blemishes, dullness and dark eye circles. One tip that I picked up is that you can extend the use of the concealer up to the area near to your temple (see picture below) to create a more 3D look.

make up for ever 4

Then using a patting motion, blend out the concealer with your finger. The warmth from the finger will help to even out the formula.

make up for ever 5

Finally, apply loose powder to set the makeup.

This is how the complexion looks like after the base is done.

make up for ever canvas

To finish up the look, don’t forget to fill in your brows. This is especially important when you’re going for a clean and bright complexion, because you don’t want your features to look flat.

make up for ever 6

make up for ever 7

Then, apply contouring powder, blusher and eyeshadow.

make up for ever 8

make up for ever makeover final

And then you get this easy-to-wear everyday look!

make up for ever artist amber

I picked up a number of tricks in the 30-minute session. If you’re visiting them, take note to pick out your foundation under white light or more natural light to make sure you’re choosing the right shade. Because of how reflective the pigments of White Definition is, picking the wrong shade can make you look too white.

If you’re interested in the one-on-one Instant Brightening lesson, it is available at $30. There are also other lessons available, so do enquire with them to see what you’re interested in. Make Up For Ever is located at all Sephora stores.

Special thanks and shout out to Charlene who helped with photography that day :)

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