The new year calls for a new, updated look. But you don’t HAVE to spend hundreds of dollars on that new hair colour, or a whole new wardrobe. Here are a couple of things you can do to look different, or better for the new year without burning a huge hole in your pocket!

1. Get a haircut!

It’s the new year! Chop off those tresses, maybe? Our writer did just that!



 Total damage: SGD15

2. Invest in some new hair accessories

You can get very affordable headbands and pretty hairclips nowadays. Instead of leaving your hair as is every day, try adding a flower clip for the sweet look. If you love putting your hair up into a ponytail, spice it up by adding a bow to it.



Total damage: SGD3 – SGD10

3. Try new hairstyles

This would work best for those with hair that’s shoulder length or longer. You can do so much with your hair! Find a few hair tutorials that teach you how to do some simple updos, or variations of ponytails and braids.

Total damage: Nothing!

4. Be adventurous with makeup

a) If you are a beauty junkie…

Chances are, you’ll have quite a selection in your collection. Put away your go-to makeup products and reach out for the ones you rarely use! This includes the louder coloured lipsticks and coloured eyeliner. You can check out our article on the different ways you can sport coloured eyeliners.

b) If you are not a beauty junkie…

makeover_nyx soft matte lip cream


Spend a little and commit to a loud coloured lipstick to wear for the new year. You don’t necessarily have to spend more than $20 on them! NYX lipsticks, and soft matte lip creams run from SGD9-SGD12. Definitely a steal, and of good quality too!

Total damage: Nothing (if you’re using what you have in your existing stash) – SGD12 (for a lip cream from NYX)