baju kurung makeup

Since Hari Raya is fast approaching, it only means that it’s time to look for appropriate makeup looks that would match the outfits! Baju kurung, or the traditional Malay outfit, now comes in so many different colours and sometimes it gets hard to figure out what eyeshadow look to do, which lipstick would go well with the outfit… And the list goes on. Trust me, I’ve made that mistake of using blue eyeshadow to match my blue outfit *CRINGE* Let’s just say I refuse to look at pictures from that particular Hari Raya.

Anyway, here are some fool proof makeup looks that we think might help!

1. For Any Coloured Outfit: Easy Neutral Eyeshadow Look

hari raya makeup_neutral eyes


Starting off with something easy, this look is guaranteed to match ANY outfit. Because it’s so neutral and versatile, you can wear this look with a champagne-coloured baju kurung or even a bright green one. So if you’re new to applying eyeshadow and you want to try putting on some for Hari Raya this year, try this look because chances are, you’ll never go wrong.

DV Recommends: Wet n Wild “Walking on Eggshells” Palette

wet n wild walking on eggshells


This is a fantastic product for someone who’s new to applying eyeshadows. It comes with three fuss-free shades that has the words, “Browbone”, “Crease”, and “Eyelid” embossed on them so the user knows where each shade is supposed to go. The eyelid shade is said to be a dupe for MAC’s eyeshadow in Naked Lunch! You don’t have to blend in the Crease colour if you’re not comfortable with it. Just dust the Eyelid colour all over the lid, put on some eyeliner and mascara and – voila! – you have yourself a fast, easy and presentable eyeshadow look.


2. For Any Coloured Outfit: Incorporating Colour

hari raya makeup_coloured eyeliner


To take a step higher than the first tutorial, here’s where you can incorporate the colour of your baju kurung to your eyeshadow look. Things can go terribly wrong if you try to match your eyeshadow to your outfit (refer to the little anecdote above). Instead of using teal eyeshadow to go with your teal outfit, try a teal eyeliner instead. Simply dust your eyelid with a neutral coloured shimmery eyeshadow, and line your eyes with a coloured eyeliner that matches your outfit. To take it a step further, you can also diffuse the line a little just like the image you see above.

3. For Any Coloured Outfit: Soft Eyeliner

hari raya makeup_easy diffused eyelinerSource

If coloured eyeliner is not your cup of tea, and using a liquid eyeliner pen is too harsh for your liking, try using a kohl pencil and carefully soften it out using a pencil brush or a clean finger. It gives soft definition to the eyes.

4. For Any Coloured Outfit, Preferably Warm Tones: Gold Eyeshadow

hari raya makeup_gold


Another fool-proof eyeshadow look is to use gold eyeshadows. Because it’s a rather neutral shade, it matches with almost any baju kurung – unless you’re wearing an outfit that’s slightly cooler-toned. It’s also a very festive shade for eyeshadow and it adds some sparkle to the eyes.

5. For Any Coloured Outfit, Preferably Warm Tones: Bronze Eyeshadow

hari raya makeup_bronze


Just like gold eyeshadow, bronze is also an easy eyeshadow look to pull off that can match a variety of outfits. Because it’s slightly darker than a bright gold, you can even use bronze eyeshadow with a black baju kurung.

6. For Any Coloured Outfit: Nude Lips and Neutral Eyes

hari raya makeup_nude lips


The highlight of this is the lips. You can have on any eyeshadow look with nude lips. The idea here is to get a lipstick shade that is “your lips but better” because it’s this particular lipstick that can go well with ANY eyeshadow look – smokey eye, neutral eyes, bronze or gold eyeshadow looks… Anything.

DV Recommends: NYX Matte/Regular Lipstick in Tea Rose

nyx tea rose


A cult favourite, this shade is a perfect every day “your lips but better” shade. It’s a pinky mauve colour that’s sure to match with a lot of eyeshadow looks.

7. For Neutral-Coloured and Simple Outfits (Cream, Ivory, Black, Not too Much Embellishments or Prints): Red Lips

hari raya makeup_red lips


Now this is for you ladies who want to make a statement with your lips. Pair your red lipstick with a simple eyeshadow look. You can even skip eyeshadow and pile on loads of mascara. You want the attention to be on your lips. Most people would usually choose to focus their makeup on their eyes or their lips. But there are those who break the rules and sport bold eyes and lips together!

8. For Cool Toned Outfits (E. g. Blues, Greys): Try MAC’s Satin Taupe

hari raya makeup_satin taupe


Picking out an eyeshadow look for a blue outfit can be quite tricky. You don’t want to look like you just got punched and at the same time you don’t want to go for the simple neutral looks featured earlier. After a couple of years being a beauty enthusiast, there is one eyeshadow I’ve found that works amazingly well with both cool and warm toned outfits, and that’s MAC’s Satin Taupe.

It has a warm purple shade in it, but at the same time, it also has that cool grey that works perfectly with a cool toned outfit. Here’s a picture of how Satin Taupe looks like on my eyes, and the blue outfit I wore for Hari Raya last year!



Imagine if I had put on a powder blue, or icy blue eyeshadow to match my outfit *shudders*

DV Recommends: Wet N Wild Single Eyeshadow in “Nutty”

hari raya makeup_wet n wild nutty


Thanks to the internet, we found a good dupe for MAC’s Satin Taupe at a fraction of the price! It’s Wet N Wild’s single eyeshadow in “Nutty”. You can get your hands on them here and guess what? They cost only SGD3.90!

Good luck, and have fun playing around with makeup to find the right look for Hari Raya!

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