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You pressed the snooze button too many times on your alarm, and end up with just 10 minutes to get ready for work. You wake up in shock, and wonder if you should risk being late or head out looking less than polished.

If this scenario sounds familiar, then the following hacks we’re about to share are going to be very relevant to you. Remember to save this page!

1. Have a go-to plan

Just like how every leader has a strategy for when “things go wrong”, you should devise one for those days you oversleep too. Have a standard look that you know is fast enough to complete within five to ten minutes, and will make you look presentable enough so that nobody knows about the mad rush you had.

We suggest applying just these items: skip foundation and go straight to concealer to brighten up the undereye area and blemishes, fill in your brows to frame your features, and then apply a lip and cheek tint.

2. Be ready for your go-to plan

Having a go-to plan for rush mornings isn’t enough. You’ll need to be ready for it too. Pack the item that you need to create that look in a pouch that you can immediately reach for. Alternatively, make sure your vanity is well-organised enough to find the products that you need. For instance, your eyeliners, mascara, brow pencil and spoolie can be put in a pencil holder, and lipsticks in a specific box.

3. Invest in multi-tasking products

To save time, products that are able to do double duty are your best friends. Instead of switching out products and trying to locate each of them, multi-tasking products allow you to continue application with the same product.

4. Get a clean line with scotch tape

Bold Eyeliner 1 1

Murphy’s law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And we know that this is particularly true when we’re in a rush. In order not to risk messing up your eyeliner and having to spend time to clean up, use a scotch tape as a stencil. Paste it along your lash line to help guide your eyeliner to achieve a perfect line. Yes, this is great even for a winged eyeliner look!

5. Remember to multi-task

How To Take Care Of Skin While Wearing Mask Do Sheet Masks More Regularly

Other than using multi-tasking products (see point #3), you should be multi-tasking too. One trick that we really love: Skip your complex skincare routine and simply apply a hydrating sheet mask onto your face. While you’re leaving it on for 10 minutes, start on your eye makeup. The mask will help shield your face from any fallout, saving you time to clean up later. Then, when you’re done with the mask, remove it, massage in the serum. Finally, apply sunscreen, and you’ll be good to go with radiant-looking complexion – no foundation needed!

Another way to multi-task: After brushing your teeth, run your toothbrush across your lips gently to help exfoliate your lips. This helps get rid of flakiness and dead skin, so that your lipstick application can be super smooth later. The action also improves blood circulation and plumps up your lips, so your lips are not going to look pale even if you decide that you have no time for lip colour.

6. Pick your battle

Lipstick 5 2 1

We know that a good eye makeup look is going to perk up your complexion. But if you have no time, forget about it. Skip eye makeup and go for a bold coloured lipstick. This takes so much less time than eye makeup, and amp up your look instantly.

7. Get a brush spray

Outdoors 1

The most annoying thing you can face when doing your makeup in a rush is when you realise your brushes are too dirty to be used. Consider getting a brush spray that can help you clean off any immediate residue so you can move on to the next product quickly. But take note that a brush spray isn’t intended for replacing your brush washing routine totally!

8. Achieve great hair overnight

If you know that you struggle with time in the morning, try overnight hairdos that help you wake up with beautiful hair. One of our favourites: Put your hair into braids or a few twisted buns while you sleep (depending on how large you’d like your waves to look, and how comfortable it is for you to sleep in them). When you wake up, simply run hairdryer over your head while the braids or buns are still on. Then, release the hair ties, tousle out your hair, and set with a hairspray. You’ll leave your house with beautiful waves!

9. Refresh your hair if you have no time to shower

kao essential cc oil 2

You may not be able to find time to wash your hair (and dry it!) when you’re rushing for time. To refresh your hair so it smells good, spray your favourite perfume onto your hairbrush and run it thorough the lengths of your hair to distribute the scent all over your tresses. Note: If you’re wondering why you can’t spray the perfume directly onto your hair, it’s because the alcohol in the content may dry your hair out. Spraying it on your hairbrush helps give the alcohol time to evaporate instead of transferred to your hair.