We’ve seen enough articles about ombre hair. Let’s talk about ombre lips.

We have been seeing it on the runway so we decided perhaps we could try the look out ourselves and let you know if we think it’s wearable.

Kenneth Cole Collection Backstage Fall 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Source: wmj.ru

Pink & Silver

This look is achieved by applying silver lipstick on just the top half of the upper lips. Then, fill in the rest of the lips with pink. Finally, rub your lips gently together so the silver gets transferred to the lower lips as well.

Verdict: This look seems to make the lips look glossier and is an extremely easy look to carry off, even for everyday wear.

Purple & Pink

This was planned to be a gradual lightening of the colour from purple to pink from upper lip to lower lip. First, apply the darker shade of purple on the top half of the upper lip, and pink on the lower half of the lower lip. Then, using an in-between shade, apply in the inner sides of both lips blending the colours together. Rub just the inner sides of both lips together to merge the colours.

Verdict: It gives a very pretty effect but it’s probably only suitable for a special night out.

Orange & Gold

Orange lipstick is first applied all over the lips. Then, using a lip brush, gold lipstick is applied on the area below the cupid’s bow and on the centre of the lower lip, forming a heart shape.

Verdict: This is probably our favourite look because it’s dramatic (that’s the whole point of rocking the ombre lips look, right?) yet still very wearable.

Ombre Lips Tips

  • Use a lip brush. This will ensure that you get the precision that you need, especially to define the intersection when you need to start changing colours. The brush can also be used to blend to form a gradient.
  • Try the colour on your hand first before applying on your lips. Imagine your hand as an artist palette, use it to blend colours that you visualise can work, but not sure if they’re really going to work.
  • Glossy shades may feather but are easier to blend, so use a lip liner if you are working with glossy ones. As for matte colours, use an intermediate shade (that is somewhat in between the two shades) to blend two colours together.

Have you tried ombre lips? What colours did you use? Which of the above looks do you like best?

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