You probably already know how important it is to remove your makeup before you go to bed. There are many problems associated with poor makeup removal. Clogged pores, which can lead to breakouts, is one of the most common ones. More serious issues include: styes on the eyes, milia, and appearance of signs of ageing.

You may already be using a makeup remover conscientiously, but if you want to be sure that you’re thorough, follow these tips.

makeup remover wipes

1. Cleanse. Cleanse again.

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Double cleansing is important, but many people – even the most hardcore beauty junkie – skip this. It is arguably one of the most important part of a Japanese skincare routine that gives Japanese women their great skin. To double cleanse, use a makeup remover to cleanse off all traces of makeup first, then, follow up with a facial cleanser to cleanse away any other debris, as well as traces of the makeup remover. And if you’re used to removing your makeup with makeup removing wipes (we don’t usually recommend using it, unless you have no better option), you definitely need to cleanse again with a facial cleanser.

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2. Spend more time on your eyes


Think about how you apply makeup, do you spend more effort on your eyes? Most people do, and they use a lot of products around the eyes: eyelid primer, a few shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara. Consequently, it makes sense that more time should be spent on removing eye makeup. Unfortunately, not everyone does this.

To remove your eye makeup thoroughly, soak a cotton pad with eye makeup remover (not your regular ones!) and place it over your eyelids for 10 seconds. Slide the cotton pad gently towards the outer corner of your eyes to remove eyeshadow. For eyeliner, you may want to fold your cotton pad for to remove it more precisely. Repeat this step until you see a clean piece of cotton pad.

3. Take special care of your mascara-coated lashes

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Hands up those of you who avoid waterproof mascara because your lashes fall off when you try to remove it at the end of the day. If this happens to you, try this: drench cotton pads with eye makeup remover, rest them over your eyelids for 15 seconds. This helps to dissolve the mascara. Then, gently stroke the cotton pad downwards (in the same direction as how your mascara grows). Repeat this step until you can no longer see any trace of mascara on your cotton pad. Take note that you really have to have to be extra gentle in your cleansing process especially if you’re using waterproof mascara, although we don’t recommend using it if you can help it.

4. Massage your lips

applying lip balm massage
Lipstick can sometimes be stubborn and cling on to your lips even after you’ve tried to remove it with makeup remover. This can be especially troubling if you have dry skin on the lips. Try dabbing your ring finger (your weakest finger) with makeup remover and go over your lips in a circular motion. This helps to remove dead skin in a gentle manner and also remove the final stains of lip makeup. The bonus: your lips will feel soft and kissable after this massage.

Another method you can try: apply lip balm over your lip colour. Leave it on for a while, and then use a cotton pad or tissue paper to gently dab off. The lubrication from the balm help the colour to slide off more easily, without added stress on your lips.