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Youngblood’s Global Education Manager, Daniel Chavez, never thought he would become a makeup artist. The theatre graduate was looking for a job and stumbled upon a position at Smashbox Cosmetics, which was a very new brand at that time. Spending 13 years with the brand and eventually climbing up the ranks to become head of training and education, Daniel continued to work at his passion in makeup and is now focusing training and education for makeup artists and partners who work with Youngblood. Daniel also has a star-studded clientele, which includes Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Destiny’s Child.

Daniel Chavez

Daily Vanity had the chance of a tea session with Daniel, and picked up some amazing makeup tips that makeup newbies (and veterans!) will appreciate.

You don’t usually wear eyeshadow but bought a beautiful eyeshadow palette on a whim. Sound familiar? How should an eyeshadow novice approach the intimidating palette?

highlighting eyeshadow

Daniel recommends that you start with bold colours. “Apply the bold shades first and then the neutral ones to layer on it. If you start with the safer neutral shades, you’ll be intimidated to put on bold colours later!”

“The best way to learn makeup is through trial and error. That’s how I got started!” he laughed and said, “It’s just makeup, you could always take it off!”

Singapore’s humid weather and makeup don’t go very well together. You spent a good amount of time creating the most perfect makeup look in the morning, only to have it smudge and budge by midday. How do we make sure our makeup stay?

For the face, use a hydrating mist to set makeup and to keep it intact throughout the day. “When our skin is dehydrated, it produces more oil,” Daniel explains. “You should also avoid using a matte powder because it makes your skin feel that it needs to produce more oil.”

Mineral in the Mist - Restore

Daniel recommends the Youngblood Minerals in the Mist to give skin a moisture boost. These are infused with pure essential oils and vitamins, and are available in four blends: Relax (Lavender and Vanilla), Restore (Grapefruit, Lime and Rosemary), Refresh (Tangerine and Grapefruit), and Recharge (Mint and Ginger). “It gives you minerals and is a form of aromatherapy,” says Daniel.

As for the eye makeup, Daniel suggests that we avoid applying face primer and foundation on the eyelids. “Both of these products are hydrating and meant to add ‘slip’ to the skin,” he explains. This means that our eye makeup will be more inclined to budge when applied on top of these textures.

Eye-lluminating Duo Pencil-Shimmer - Matte Open

“Just like how you would use an eye cream instead of a face cream on your eye area, you should be using an eye primer for your eyelids,” says Daniel. He explains that an eye primer is able to grab eye makeup better. He says that using the Youngblood Eye-lluminating Duo, which is a creamy, dual-ended multi-purpose pencil that can be used as an eyeshadow base and a highlighter. “I use this under eyeshadow, and sometimes I use it on its own. It’s my favourite product!”

You hate wearing mascara because it always transfers onto your undereye area, making you look like a panda. You know that waterproof mascara will be better, but you don’t want to wear it regularly, knowing that it can weaken and break your lashes over time. 


“Very simple!” Daniel says, “Apply regular mascara, and then finish off with just one coat of waterproof mascara. This way, it’ll increase the staying power, but still be very easy to remove it later.”

Your skin’s condition seems to change whenever you travel and you wonder if you should be changing up your makeup routine whenever you step into a different place.

walk when you travel

Daniel recommends to wear lighter makeup in humid environments, and heavier, more hydrating makeup when climate is drier. “Most importantly, make sure your skin can breathe and is hydrated. Go for makeup that’s made up of high quality ingredients. That means, no talc or mica, so your skin is able to breathe,” Daniel says.

Matte liquid lipsticks are on everyone’s lips these days (pun unintended) and you’ll love to wear it too. However, your lips tend to get dry very fast and matte lip colour simply accentuate those dry lines. What can you do to solve this problem?

flattering liquid lipstick

“Use an overnight lip treatment before you sleep,” advises Daniel. “Just like how you apply a night cream on your skin to keep it plump-looking in the morning, applying a lip treatment overnight help build moisture on your lips while you’re not wearing any lip colour.”

Psst, Daniel also reveals that Youngblood will be launching seven new shades of liquid lipsticks next year, all of which are made up 100% of minerals and free from toxins. “It’s made up of different components, but I assure it’ll be simpler to use than what you have now,” Daniel says.

Youngblood Cosmetics products are available exclusively at AsterSpring outlets. Locations include #03-10 Plaza Singapura, #03-32 Compass One, B1-46 Bedok Mall, and #03-13 JEM.

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