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Miley Cyrus and her antics are always the talk of the town. Her dress sense receive lots of attention, and then her tongue was probably the most talked about (pardon the pun) feature (it even has its own Twitter!). Now, it looks like her brows are the ones that are getting all the limelight.

The Wrecking Ball singer apparently bleached her brows and showed them off in an Instagram photo taken with Miranda Kerr.


But those disappearing brows made its appearance again in a more recent photo – much to her fans’ delight.

miley cyrus brows are back

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  1. Why do we need brows?

Why do we need brows?

Besides performing the role of sheltering our eyes from dust and other irritants (just like our lashes), our brows are also responsible for giving us the ability to be expressive. This is why filling in the brows is an important step in the makeup regime.

Here’s a tutorial to teach you how to do it:

And Miley, we’re just so glad your brows are back.