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Throughout history, moles have been reckoned by various cultures as either a sign of personality, or a marker for fortune (or the lack thereof).

For instance, the Chinese almanac sees a mole between the brows as an indication of an explosive temper, and experts will recommend removing a mole in this position to become a calmer, more peaceful person. Moles under the eyebrows are said to indicate unhappiness in the family, and moles at the centre of the nose bridge are supposed to be an indication of poor financial luck. If you feel that the position of your mole may be causing you bad luck in life, or if you don’t like how it looks, you may want to consider removing it.

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Checking your mole

When it comes to removing moles, most people tend to completely forget about the first and most important step: monitoring and checking your mole for any sign of danger. Not all moles are harmless clusters of pigmented skin cells. Some of them might be cancerous growths which require immediate medical attention. The most common rules to perform some self-examination at home for your mole is ABCDE.


Asymmetry: An irregularly-shaped mole (if you draw a line down its middle, both halves should roughly match each other).
Border: A mole that does not have smooth, even borders, e.g. scallop-shaped borders.
Colour: A mole that is not a uniform, single colour.
Diameter: The size of the mole is bigger than ¼ inches (~6mm).
Evolution: The mole changes over time in size, shape, colour, symptoms (becoming itchy or painful), or surface (bleeding).

If your mole shows any of these five characteristics, consult a doctor immediately.

If it doesn’t, and you want to remove it, try using home remedies first. If you want to opt for laser removal or surgery, consult a dermatologist who will do a more thorough examination of your mole to make sure it’s not cancerous before proceeding with the removal.

It is a good idea to cultivate a habit of applying sunscreen before heading outdoors no matter what the weather, as sun exposure is usually the main culprit for the formation of both benign and malignant moles.

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