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It’s tempting to assume that the more product you apply, the more of its benefits you can reap. But just like how painkillers can help eliminate your headache, taking too much of it can kill you. Everything in moderation!

Besides the fact that your skin and hair may not be able to absorb all the goodness from the products, leading to wastage, using too much of certain products may even cause adverse effects on you instead!

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Too Much Exfoliating Scrub = Aggression On Skin

dry skin

It feels good to scrub away dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of skin because skin always feels supple and smooth after exfoliating. However, all you need is an amount approximately the size of your thumb. Physical exfoliators (those that have tiny beads in the formula), especially, can be very harsh on the skin. Over-scrub, and you’ll find your skin feeling dry, or worse, red and sensitive. Take note that besides the amount that you use, the time spent massaging should be kept to no more than one minute.

Too Much Eye Cream = Irritation

We may get over-zealous with our eye cream because of how desperate we are to get rid of those pesky dark eye circles. Remember that our under eye area is very thin and fragile, compared to the rest of our skin, and so it has to be treated with even more TLC. All you need is just a rice grain-size amount of eye cream for each eye. Using your ring finger, gently dab (not tug at your skin!) the product on. Use too much and you may find your eye area feel irritated, or worse, puffy.

Too Much Pimple Cream = Dry Skin

pimple cream

Many key ingredients in pimple cream works by drying out skin. This means that if you over-apply pimple cream, the formula is likely to spread to non-affected area, drying it out too. Only apply a thin layer of pimple cream on the affected spot. It shouldn’t spread to other parts of your skin.

Too Much Night Moisturiser = Greasy Face

Night moisturisers or night creams are typically richer than other moisturisers, because your skin is ready to begin its nightly repair and it is especially hydrating for you if you sleep in an air-conditioned room. However, use no more than an amount the size of your thumb. Be too generous with it and you’ll wake up with a super greasy face. What’s more, chances are, you are going to stain your pillow cover with the cream as well.

Too Much Shampoo = Dry Hair


While the shampoo washes off the grime and grease on your hair and scalp, over-washing it (just like over-washing your face) will only remove the natural oils that help to protect your hair. Over-washed hair tend to look and feel dry and crispy.

Too Much Leave-In Hair Conditioner

Leave-in hair conditioners can be a real treat that repair your hair quickly and effectively, but only if you use it right. Use no more than the size of two thumbs and only focus on the ends of your hair. You shouldn’t apply it onto your roots at all. Over-application can make your hair look limp and dull instead – defeating the intention of a hair treatment.

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