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Whenever we mention makeup brushes, you tend to think that they’re exclusive tools to pro makeup artists. Most people would think that it’s good enough using our fingers to apply makeup.


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Why Brushes Not Fingers?

There are four reasons why brushes are better than fingers, according to Make Up For Ever:

  1. Precision: Compared to fingers, brushes can distribute products on your face more evenly. This means you’ll less likely have the problem of having more eyeshadow on one eye.
  2. Coverage: With brushes, you can control the amount of products and build on as and where more coverage is needed.
  3. Buff & Blend: With the help of brushes, you can achieve a smoother and more natural long-lasting look. You can reach inner corners around areas like the nose too!
  4. Save Time, Save Money: Guess what – using fingers to apply makeup actually wastes products, because you are swiping your makeup away instead of blending it. It is easier to blend textures with brushes and not create a mess on your face.

75 New MUFE Brushes


Obviously, since brushes are an important part of the makeup artistry, Make Up For Ever has created 75 new brushes for every need. As Make Up For Ever Founder, Dany Sanz would say, that “a brush is an extension of the hand, and is a fundamental tool for a makeup artist”. These important tools by Make Up For Ever uses engineered fibers (instead of natural hair) that are designed specifically to deliver more precise and consistent makeup results. Besides being free from natural hair, the wood used for the brush handle is also made from a resistant and environmentally-friendly eco-certified wood.

Made of a brass base with a three top-coating consisting of nickel with gun metal lacquer and a transparent protection varnish, the gun metal ferrule is highly resistant to collision and can withstand humidity. This means that these brushes are more long-lasting and durable.

Finally, understanding the needs of makeup artists, the Make Up For Ever brush is also a unique 2-in-1 accessory where the tip is designed o help collect, mix and adjust makeup textures.

What Are The Key Brushes Everyone Should Have?

Unless you do makeup for a living, there’s really no need to snap up every of the 75 Make Up For Ever brushes. For amateurs, there are really just six brushes you probably should have in your makeup kit:

  • The Control Liner: This is a brush used for lining the eyes and is especially helpful if you want to achieve the winged or cat eye look. Go for the #260 Bent Eyeliner Brush because it has been angled at a specific 30-degree to draw a precise line up to 1mm.
  • The Powder Fluff: Want the precision of a brush with the coverage of a puff? What you need is a hybrid, which is #128 Precision Powder Brush. Use it by tapping it over the face for coverage over both big and small areas effortlessly.
  • The Classic Kabuki: A brush type that most people have in their makeup kit because it can be used for many different functions, use the #124 Powder Kabuki for an airbrushed effect when used with the Make Up For Ever HD Powder.
  • The Foundation Buffer: Beginners will find the $154 Buffer Blush Brush a helpful tool to apply liquid foundation without streaking.
  • The Smoky Smudger: The smoky eyes look is made easier with the help of #204 Double-Ended Shader & Smudger Eye Brush. This has two ends – one for smudging and blending, and the other for precise application.
  • The Blusher Blender: Finally, you’re going to appreciate double-duty brush, #158 Double-Ended Sculpting Brush, that helps apply blusher such that you can achieve a slimmer and uplifted appearance, while blending away harsh lines.


The new Make Up For Ever brushes are priced between SGD95 (for the #158 Double-Ended Sculpting Brush) and SGD35 (for the #270 Angled Eyebrow Brush, #250 Extra Fine Eyeliner Brush and #252 Fine Eyeliner Brush), and are retailing at Make Up For Ever Pro Loft, located at 36 Armenian Street, #01-06.

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