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As we bid goodbye to 2015, there are some bad beauty habits that have to go too. If you believe otherwise, go through this list and think again:

1. I will stop picking on my zits
Because another year that has passed means I am another year more mature, and maturity means I will not walk around with scabs that show I can’t control my fingers! (And also, scabs heal slower as we grow older! Yikes!)

2. I will double cleanse my face with makeup remover then facial cleanser every night
…no matter how tired I am from a long day at work or how drunk I am.

3. I will stop biting my nails
Or risk having my boss take a second look at my oddly-shaped nails while passing a document.

4. I will remove my nail polish when it’s ruined
…and not leave it there to “grow out” because there’s not a single bottle of remover lying around the house (buy one!) or can’t find the time (visit a nail parlour for five minutes, please!).

5. I will throw out makeup that doesn’t work on me
…and not give it multiple chances, only to be disappointed every single time. No, my eyelids are not particularly oily only on the day I choose to use THAT eyeliner.

6. I will stop buying makeup because their packaging attracts me
I will research carefully whether the product suits my needs, and not purchase the item because I think it will look perfect in that compartment on my vanity table.

7. I will wash my makeup brushes regularly
“Regularly” does not mean once a month; it means once a week at least!

8. AND I will dry them correctly
I will not wash my brushes and leave them to dry flat on a piece of cloth. I will remember to hang them upside down so any excess moisture does not remain within the brush (or worse, seep into the wood and cause it to rot over time!)

9. I will throw out expired products without a shred of hesitation
…because expired products will cause breakouts. If I feel sorry for that unused tube of mascara, let that guilt motivate me to start using the products in my drawer NOW.

10. I will remember to use sunscreen
Because once again, a year that passes means I get a year older. Those pesky UV rays will do what they can to make me look my age, and I have to counter it with sunscreen!