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There are a myriad of ways in which we can attain a V-shaped face besides surgery. For a start, our diet affects how water is stored in our body, so it’s worth paying attention to the foods we eat if we want to avoid the puffiness. For instance, fast foods and processed foods that are high in salt or sodium can cause our faces to bloat more.

Another way of working towards V-shaped face is through the use of topical products that are able to de-puff our face and lift our facial muscles. Here are five for you to consider.

aesthetics treatments for brighter skin

1. L’Oréal Paris Revitalift V Shaper Instant Shaping Serum

L'Oréal Revitalift V Shaper Instant Shaping Serum

This product works on a dual system, comprised of Pro-tensium 3D and an Anti-Puffiness System, together they help to lift, tense and tighten your skin. Upon application, water evaporates from the serum, leaving behind a tensing film that lifts and tightens the V-shape in place. The Anti-Puffiness system is powered by Caffeine and Escin, both plant-based extracts that help to reduce puffiness as it boosts the skin’s blood circulation. Another plus-point of this product: it has a light milky texture and is quickly absorbed by the skin!

Where to get it: In leading drugstores like Guardian and Watsons, SGD41.90

2. MU by Mary Chia V.TIVATE


Is it possible to lift the contours of your face with just one spray? Apparently yes, with V.TIVATE. This facial mist has four benefits in one: UV protection, hydration, regeneration of skin, and most important lifting effect. Formulated with ingredients like the leaves of African Baobab tree, which is known for its ability to conserve water, and red seaweed, which is able to protect skin from the effects of UV rays, this facial mist can be used over makeup to set it, or spritz it all over your face as an instant perk-me-up throughout the day. MU V.TIVATE is available in 5ml (SGD68) and 50ml (SGD399).

Where to get it: The product is available at all Mary Chia and Urban Homme outlets.

3. Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Serum

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Serum

Charging on with “plant-power”, Clarins Shaping Facial Lift serum utilises blue button flower extract in addition to Caffeine to reduce the size of up to five of our facial fat pockets. This includes two in our cheeks, two under the jaw and one under the chin (a.k.a. ptosis). Also, the serum contains horse chestnut extract, which activates blood and lymphatic circulation to reduce water retention. Clarins recommends that the application of this product should be accompanied by the Manual Auto-Lifting Method (basically a facial massage routine) for the best result. Compared to other topical products, the application process of this serum takes a relatively shorter amount of time between 10-15 minutes.

Where to get it: This product is available in selected departmental stores and online, SGD114.00

4. THEFACESHOP Sharp Face Modelling Gel patch

THEFACESHOP Sharp Face Modelling Gel patch

This bestselling South Korean brand has given us many delights, ranging from makeup and skincare for both women and men alike. Promising to rely only on natural ingredients, THEFACESHOP also stands against animal-testing and uses eco-friendly packaging. A key ingredient of the mask is caffeine, which helps to reduce water retention and supposedly breakdown fat cells as well. This product works similar to a facial mask, but the hydrogel patch also has tiny bumps on it so that there is traction for the patch to stay on. To use this patch, stretch it from the middle of your chin and slowly pull it towards your ears. There are loops that you can put over your ears so that it doesn’t move. Lastly, this product comes with instructions for face yoga techniques that are supposed to enhance its effects.

Where to get it: This product is available at all THEFACESHOP outlets and online, SGD8.90

5. LUS Extra V-line lift up

LUS Extra V-line lift up

A veteran in this field appears to be the LUS Extra V-line lift up treatment, which consists of seven V-line masks and one V-line Lift-up Neoprene Belt. It works similar to gel patch above, except that it also comes with a neoprene belt. After applying the mask to your chin, hold the neoprene belt tautly over the same area and fasten the belt at the top of your head. After five minutes or so, you should start to feel the mask heating up as it begins to work its magic! Repeat the process for 30-40 minutes every day for the best results.

Where to get it: This product is available online. SGD14.60 (not including shipping fees)