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Our skin isn’t all the same throughout our entire body. You may have noticed, for instance, that the skin around our elbow and knees is a little rougher and thicker, skin around our eyes is thinner, our T-zone is more prone to clogging, and our U-zone is a little drier.

I’ve always known this fact, but I’ve never really thought about treating different skin in a different way! At a recent event held by Origins, they advocated the idea of “multi-masking”, that is, applying different masks on different part of your skin, based on its needs.

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  1. How to multi-mask?

How to multi-mask?

After cleansing your face, begin by applying a scrub. This will help remove dead skin cells and allow nutrients from the products to be better absorbed.

Here, Angie, training manager of Origins did a demonstration on Keith.

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If you have oily T-zone that’s prone to blemishes like blackheads and pimples, use a mask that’s designed to clear out gunk. Angie used the Origins Clear Improvement Mask on Keith’s T-zone. This mask contains charcoal, which works like a magnet to draw out impurities.

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Keith’s skin is quite dry around his U-zone, so Angie used a hydrating mask on him – the Origins Drink Up Mask. Great for dehydrated skin and combination-dry skin, this mask carries thirst-quenching Algae extracts and Apricot Kernel Oil to deliver hydration to the skin.

Here, Angie says that this Origins mask is also great for dry areas like your elbow, if you want to show your body some TLC too.

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Leave the masks on for around 8 minutes!

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Finally, wash it off. Keith says that his skin feels smoother, refreshed and comforted, and also reported a visible radiance.

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Here’s the range of masks by Origins: (from left) Drink Up Intensive (overnight mask for hydration), Out Of Trouble (for blemish-prone skin), Clear Improvement (to clear pores) and Drink Up (10-minute mask for hydration. The masks are available at all Origins counters. A new No Puffery Cooling Roll-On (the ones in the beaker in the photo) was also launched. This is for you to soothe fatigue-looking eye area even on-the-go and is available at SGD55.