It’s the time of the year again: parties, and parties, and parties! We all want to look our best throughout the night, but unfortunately our makeup will run, whether we like it or not. Here are five essential items you must pack in your party bag (we’ve made sure it’s only five because you wouldn’t want to bring a huge bag to the party)!

christmas party what to pack

1. Oil-blotting paper

oily skin blotting

Before any touch-ups, it’s essential to “clear the canvas” first. Use oil-blotting paper to remove the excess oil and shine off your face. A less effective alternative is to use one-ply of facial tissue for dabbing, but it usually get only get the sweat off, but not so much the sebum.

2. Concealer

Even with a good primer, sometimes mascara and eyeliner is still going to stain your undereye area. After cleaning it off with tissue paper, reapply concealer under your eyes as this will make sure you look fresh and awake. If coverage on your spots/blemishes/discolourations has worn off, reapply on those areas and blend well.

3. Powder

Apply a light layer of loose/pressed powder over your face, especially paying attention to the mouth area (you do eat at parties right?). Do this after you have blot off the sebum.

4. Eyeshadow brush

brushes_flat shader

We know how much time we invest in eye makeup for year-end parties, especially on eyeshadows as they contribute a great deal to the glamour. It’s not necessary to reapply eyeshadows in the middle of the party because this might take too much time, but there’s an easy way to take care of it. The most common problem with eyeshadows is how they crease after some time. Simply blot the eyelids (with oil blotting paper or tissue), then use a soft eyeshadow brush to smooth out the area. Your eyeshadow won’t look like the original, but at least your eye makeup will look fresher.

5 Lip stick


If you could only fit one item in your party bag, bring a lipstick! For reasons that are obvious enough: you lipstick is sure to run (unless you don’t eat or drink throughout the party), and fresh-looking lip colour is what’s going to help you stand out in the crowd. Oh, the right lipstick can also help you hide wine stains on the lips, if you haven’t heard!