The allure of perfume is how it subtly enhances your beauty. While you can’t see a scent, it helps to complete your overall getup, and should complement your personality, mood or the occasion you’re at. And if you, for a second, thought that wearing perfume is as simple as a few spritz on your body, you’re wrong. Make your perfume work harder for you by following these commandments.

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1. Thou shalt test perfumes on thy skin

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The chemistry between the perfume and skin differs from person to person, and will means that your friend’s perfume will smell differently from if you wore it. To make sure that you’ll like how a perfume smell on you, apply it directly on your skin, instead of a perfume strip.

2. Thou shalt not smell a tester perfume immediately


A perfume carries top, heart and base notes, and most of the time, it’s the heart notes that really matter because they last the longest. The mistake that a lot of people make is to smell the perfume immediately after spraying it onto yourself or a strip. What you’ll be smelling in the first few seconds is probably alcohol, or the top notes, which disappears within a few minutes. Allow the perfume to dry down to the heart notes before smelling it. We’ll recommend that you spray it onto yourself, walk around for about 20 minutes, and then smell it to see if it’s what you like.

3. Thou shalt store thy perfumes in somewhere cool and dry


Like your perishables, heat, light and humidity are going to deteriorate the quality of your perfumes at a faster speed. Make sure you keep them away from direct sunlight and at somewhere dry.

4. Thou shalt apply perfume on thy pulse points

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Where should you apply perfume? Coco Chanel says: where you would like to be kissed. To be less poetic, it’s at your pulse points. These are areas on the body where blood vessels are closest to the skin: behind the ears, at the base of the throat, inner elbows, inner wrists, at the cleavage, and behind knees. Wearing your perfume at your pulse points allow the fragrance to react with your body’s heat so that the scent can be emitted continuously.

5. Thou shalt apply lotion before thy perfume


Oil helps to hold scents better. If you want your fragrance to last longer, consider applying some lotion first to lock in the smell. Many perfumes come with matching body lotion and shower gel to help enhance the scents.

6. Thou shalt not rub thy wrists together after spraying on the perfume



Many people have the habit of rubbing their wrists vigorously together after spraying on the perfume. This is a mistake. Remember we mentioned that a perfume is made up of top, heart and base notes? Top notes are lighter and tend to dissipate faster, and when you rub, the friction will spoil the molecules of the more delicate top notes, quickening the development of your perfume, and in effect, bypassing the top notes and go straight to the heart notes. While it wouldn’t make the perfume smell bad, you won’t be able to experience the full complexity of the perfume. But on the more practical side, it means that your perfume would not last as long as it should.

7. Thou shalt spray perfume while naked


Perfume may stain some fabrics and jewellery. To avoid staining them, wear your perfume while you’re naked. You may consider spraying it right after your shower so that the moisture in your skin can help to lock in the fragrance.

8. Thou shalt experiment with fragrance layering


Instead of investing in many perfumes, if you want to create a new scent or to achieve a signature scent that only you own, experiment with layering instead. Always spray the stronger scent first so that it won’t overwhelm the lighter scent. Fragrance that are not overly complex are best for layering.

9. Thou shalt not shy away from perfumes meant for the other gender

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While perfumes are usually marketed with a specific gender in mind, you really could wear a perfume that’s “meant” for the opposite gender – many of them carry very similar scent molecules, which are “unisex”. So, go on and use your spouse’s perfume. Hurray!

10. Thou shalt not judge a perfume by its brand


When faced with many perfume options, it’s natural to skew towards brands that you are familiar with. But guess what? Nobody could really tell what brand the perfume you’re wearing belong to; all they’d know is whether it’s a nice scent or not. So, try to find out the types of scents (floral? citrus? musk?) and the type of notes (vanilla? bergamot? jasmine?) you’re more drawn towards and look for these cues in the next perfume that you purchase. Most importantly, be opened to try them directly on your skin (see commandment #1) before deciding if you want it.

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