Nipples. They’re the very first body part to develop in fetuses in the womb, so we can deduce their importance from that fact.

Besides that, nipples are an erogenous zone that takes fun times in the bedroom to the next level. And for those among us who have children, we know very well that nipples perform the all-important function of producing milk for our newborns.

However, some of us may be feeling a little self-conscious about the appearance of our nipples. If you’re peering into your shirt to catch a peek, you may begin to wonder to yourself whether they are normal and if you should have pink nipples instead.

So, what’s normal?

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Credit: Kristina Shcherbina/Pexels

Chances are, yes, your nipples are perfectly normal – no matter what colour or size they are. That’s because nipples and breasts come in all colours, sizes, and shapes. According to dermatologist and paediatrician Dr Tsippora Shainhouse, there’re eight different kinds of nipples, including flat, puffy and inverted ones.

Dr Shainhouse adds reassuringly, “There is no one universal template of normal and women should not have to feel like they must fit a single standard mold.”

Whether you’ve got brown or beige or pink nipples and areolas, know that they are all perfectly normal. The colour is actually dependent on your own skin colour. So if you have lighter skin, your nipples will naturally be lighter in colour, whereas if you’ve got darker skin, your nipples will likely be darker.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

What’s NOT normal though, is a sudden inversion of the nipples, nipple discharge when you’re not currently breastfeeding, or sudden lumps and bumps that develop under the areola when you’re not pregnant. You’ll want to check these changes out with a trusted doctor.

What causes the colour of our nipples to change?

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As it turns out, colour changes are pretty normal. So don’t be alarmed if your pink nipples suddenly darken a wee bit.

The main reason for your nipple’s colour-changing abilities is fluctuating hormone levels.

This can be due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, the impending arrival of your period, or if you’re taking any contraceptive pills – basically, anything that causes a huge spike or dip in the female hormones progesterone and estrogen.

Pink nipples: Ways to tint your nipples pink

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As we have already said, there is no perfect nipple colour. And we’re all for normalising nipples in their various colours, just as all skin colours are beautiful too.

You’re certainly allowed to have a preference though! If you like your nipples darker, you’re in luck cos most normal age things will cause them to go darker. But if you like them lighter and pinker, does that mean that there’s no hope?

Fret not, my friends. Because while you can’t undo the years and hormones, you can most certainly use these safe products and treatments to edge them closer to pink if you so desire.

Let’s have a peek!

Pink nipple creams

These creams largely work by tinting the nipple a pretty shade of pink, so the result isn’t permanent. Think of it as makeup for your nips!

Many of these also contain emollient ingredients that moisturise the skin and antioxidants to encourage the skin to shed free radicals as it renews itself. These products that we’ve found (below) contain natural active ingredients that are great for sensitive skin, so you mostly won’t have to worry about itching or inflammation.

Steer clear of strong bleaching creams which contain a high concentration of hydroquinone and mercury as they have been shown to have links to cancer.

You’ll also want to hit the pause button on these creams if you’re breastfeeding, pregnant or if your period is upcoming because your nipples are particularly sensitive during these periods.

Nipple and areola micropigmentation

If you want something a little more permanent (about two or three years), you can consider going for a micropigmentation session at a trusted clinic to achieve pink nipples.

This procedure was originally intended for those who’ve done a mastectomy and want to do a breast reconstruction. It’s done by specialised artists who undergo extensive training to tattoo the nipple and areola area with natural and mild dye pigments.

As for the procedure itself, you’ll be happy to know it is fairly straightforward. Using a sterile electronic pen needle, the artist will tattoo the pigments carefully on the nipple according to what was discussed prior. And you needn’t worry about pain, a numbing cream will be applied!

Your nipple will be dressed after the procedure and you’ll need to leave the dressing on for at least 24 hours. The scabs underneath shouldn’t be picked at, though, so resist the urge to peel them off.

One last thing: don’t be alarmed if your nipple looks darker than what you had wanted – it takes up to six weeks for the final colour to settle, and will look quite a bit darker for the first few days.

Products for pink nipples

1. Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain

pink nipples benefit cosmetics

You may already have this bestselling product in your drawer as a cheek or lip tint. Here’s an interesting bit of history: This flush was originally made as a nipple tint for exotic dancers in 1976! Back then, the dancers needed to draw attention to their nipples, and what better way to do it than by turning them a gorgeous pink?

Get it at S$31 from Sephora.

2. Nenhong Bioaqua Pink Body Cream

pink nipples bioaqua

This made-in-Korea cream promises to give you pink nipples, powered by cherry blossom extract. It’s totally non-toxic and moisturising so you can even apply this to the labia if you wanted to lighten your lower bits, but do proceed with caution because the skin of your lower lady bits can be even more sensitive than the nipples.

Get it at S$2.48 from Shopee.

3. Bioglo Cherry Pink Lip and Nipple Cream

pink nipples bioglo

As with most of the products in this list, this isn’t exactly a cream to lighten the nipples – it works more like a tinted lip balm. With key emollient ingredients like shea butter, jojoba ester and squalene, this cream is great for soothing dry and chapped nipples. (Yeah they’re actually a thing!)

It also contains Crithmum Maritimum also known as sea fennel, which is sometimes dubbed as the retinol of the sea for its skin rejuvenation properties. All that aside, applying this on your nips will tint them a radiant, cheeky pink that’ll be sure to put a smile on your face.

Get it at S$2.48 from Shopee.

4. Pinky Queen Top Pack Nipple Cream

pink nipples pinky queen

A pore strip to remove any blackheads or sebaceous filaments from your nipples to reveal baby smooth skin below? Yes, please. We promise that it’s 100% as satisfying as it sounds to peel off the top layer of dead skin off, removing the build-up of oil in the pores on your nips.

Bonus points: it actually leaves a gorgeous, radiant pink tint on the skin after you peel it off – hence tinting your bits with a rosy flush.

Get it at S$27.90 from Qoo10.

5. Pretty Skin Design Your Beauty Nipple Cream

pink nipples pretty skin

This lightweight cream features a pretty, fresh pink tint, that will give your nipples a major glow-up upon application. Containing egg yolk and milk protein extracts to nourish the sensitive skin of your nipples and areola, as well as niacinamide to prevent moisture loss – it’s a pretty nourishing cream in itself!

Get it at S$16.74 from YesStyle.

6. Beppin Body Virgin White Serum

pink nipples beppin

The name of this product may sound gentle and virginal. Well, gentle it most certainly is, and totally suitable for especially sensitive skin. Its main ingredient is cherry leaf extract, which is rich in antioxidants and Vitamins C and E, to reduce pigmentation and plump up the skin.

It also contains soybean extract, cucon extract, aloe vera leaf extract, and chlorella extract to improve the skin’s collagen production as well as its elasticity and radiance.

We bet you’d be pleased to know that other than achieving pink nipples, you can apply this cream to other darkened parts of your body too, like the bikini line, armpits, elbows and knees.

Get it at approximately S$25 from Kokoro Japan Store.

We’ve got a final word for you ladies: by all means, rock pink nipples for a fun change, but do remember that ALL nipple colours are normal and beautiful!

Featured image: Cottonbro/Pexels