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Everyone wants to know the beauty secrets of celebrities. They’re always so well put-together, and arguably, looking their best is part of their career – so who else to take advice from but them?

Oh well, not all the time. Here are beauty tips dispensed by celebrities during interviews that Daily Vanity is definitely frowning upon. No, just no.

gisele bundchen

In an interview in 2011, supermodel Gisele Bündchen said this of sunscreen, “I cannot put this poison on my skin. I do not use anything synthetic.” She later said that she has been misquoted.

Daily Vanity says: Sunscreen is definitely the most crucial part of your regime. UV exposure is the top reason for causing signs of ageing to appear and of course, skin cancer. Always put on sunscreen.

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taylor swift

Taylor Swift can’t go without her signature cat eyes, and we love it too. What’s disturbing was probably when she revealed this in an interview, “I once used a Sharpie as eyeliner in an airplane bathroom because I didn’t have any with me.”

Daily Vanity says: Uh-oh, no you didn’t, Taylor! Our eye area is the thinnest and most delicate part of our skin, it also has the most number of pores. We know that markers are toxic, and putting that on this vulnerable part of our skin is just a big no-no.

jennifer love hewitt

What does Jennifer Love Hewitt do when she gets a pimple? She puts toothpaste on it she says.

Daily Vanity says: This is very common beauty myth (that toothpaste cures pimples) but experts have found that this doesn’t work and may even aggravate the zit. While there are abrasives in the toothpaste that can dry out the blemish so it looks better for a while, the toothpaste doesn’t have anti-bacterial qualities, and the detergent in it can only make the blemish worse.

lady gaga

Glitter makeup is super glamorous, but it’s also tough to get rid of. Lady Gaga’s makeup artist revealed that he had trouble removing glitter from Mama Monster’s eyelids and resorted to using tape to get it off. Ouch!

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Daily Vanity says: We can’t emphasize how much we should take good care of our delicate eye area. The tugging action caused by the strong stick power of tape can compromise on our skin’s firmness in the long run. Always use an eye makeup remover to cleanse your makeup off. And don’t use the glitter makeup that Gaga has been using – whatever it is.

Teri Hatcher

Former Desperate Housewife actress, Teri Hatcher, fills her bathtub with red wine for a luxurious bath. She says that she “believes the nutrients from the grapes nourishes and softens the skin.”

Daily Vanity says: She’s right about the nourishing properties of grapes. On top of this, grapes are filled with antioxidants! However, there’s also high level of alcohol content in red wine that can dry out your skin. You’re better off with a good bath gel instead.