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You may have seen some beauty hacks from a Facebook post your friend shared but aren’t sure if they will really work. We combed through videos made by some of YouTube’s most loved beauty vloggers, where they put these beauty hacks to the test – and we’re here to tell you what worked, and what didn’t.

1. The red lipstick concealing trick

The hack: Apply red lipstick on your under-eye circles before covering it up with concealer. Apparently, it helps neutralise those deep purple and blue hues under your eyes!

Does it work: Yes! Vlogger Deepica tried it and showed that it really helps to neutralise the colour of under-eye circles. Popular beauty vlogger Promise Phan also said that the trick works, but you’ll have to “make sure you don’t put on a lot of lipstick”!

2. The spoon contour trick

The hack: Place the inside of a spoon against the apple of your cheek, and use its bottom edge as a guide to contour your cheekbones.

Does it work: Yes! YouTuber Nicole Skyes put this to the test, and was pleased with the results.

3. Cotton lash extensions

The hack: You can DIY your own lash extensions by simply using a cotton ball! First, coat your lashes in mascara. Next, grab a clean spoolie and stroke the inside of a cotton ball gently until it’s covered with cotton fibres. Comb your lashes with the cotton spoolie like you’re applying mascara, then lock in that layer of cotton with another coat of mascara.

Does it work: No! After watching a couple of beauty vloggers try this hack out, it became evident that this hack does NOT work – it basically gives the same effect as plain ol’ mascara (as you could probably tell from the pictures above). You should probably stick to getting lash extensions at a salon if you want dramatic lashes.

Want to know what aesthetic doctors think about acne-zapping hacks such as applying toothpaste over pimples? Click here to open article in new tab.

4. Using tape to achieve the perfect eyeliner

The hack: This is probably the most well-known hack of all-time. Stick a tape at the corner of eyes to help guide your eyeliner and achieve a perfect wing.

Does it work: Yes! Countless of popular beauty gurus on YouTube have tried this hack out – including PONY Makeup, Tina Yong, and Stephanie Lange. And, all their verdicts are unanimous: this makeup hack works like a dream!

5. Using hairspray as setting spray

The hack: Hair spray works as an even better setting spray as your usual makeup mist.

Does it work: No! Beauty vlogger Laura Lee tried it out, and the results were less than desirable. The chemicals in hairspray can cause skin to become dehydrated and dry, so while your makeup may stay on throughout the day, it’s going to end up looking extremely cakey.

6. Using contact lens solution to revive dried out mascara

The hack: Adding a good five to eight drops of contact lens solution to your tube of dry and clumpy mascara will revive it and make it good as new.

Does it work: Yes! Cassie “Thrift Trick” (see picture above) tried this hack and said that it works.

7. Toothpaste for smoother, fuller lips

The hack: Applying toothpaste on your lips is a quick fix for dry and chapped lips. Plus, it makes your lips look fuller as well.

Does it work: Yes! YouTuber Natalies Outlet tried this hack out for us, and helped us conclude that it most definitely works! In her video, she claimed that her lips felt much softer afterwards, and they definitely looked fuller too.

However, be sure to only leave the toothpaste on your lips for less than 10 seconds before washing it off immediately, otherwise it might irritate the skin around your lips!

8. DIY self tanner

The hack: Instead of spending money on a self tanner, adding cocoa powder to lotion gives you a mixture that works just as well.

Does it work: No! Beauty vloggers Ellko and Amber Fanton tried it and said it doesn’t work. Not only is the DIY “self tanner” hard to apply, it comes off extremely easily as well. Plus, the results aren’t as glamorous as you’d expect:

9. Nail polish drying hack

The hack: Soak your nails in ice water after painting them to make your nail polish dry faster.

Does it work: Yes! YouTuber Lisa Schwartz tried it out, and in her words, “wow, this really, really does work”!

10. Applying foundation with a sock

The hack: Applying foundation with a sock is supposedly going to give you the same effect as that of a beauty blender.

Does it work: No! YouTuber Taylor or “thataylaa” shows you exactly how patchy your foundation is going to look if you try applying it with a sock .