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We have bragging rights: Daily Vanity’s photo with Fann Wong

Eight-month pregnant Singapore actress, Fann Wong, made her final public appearance before delivery at the annual Diner en Blanc event, held at Tanjong Beach this year, in her capacity as the new Marie France Bodyline ambassador.

Just two days ago, her campaign photos were revealed, causing a stir online because of its boldness.

The photo features Fann baring her baby bump, as she confidently smile before the camera in an almost-nude photograph.

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When asked by Daily Vanity about the photo, Fann said that the photography process was very comfortable and she and her husband, actor, Christopher Lee, were both happy with the results.

“I was at first worried about things like water retention of my body, and whether the photo will turn out well,” she said. But her fears were allayed by the professional team, and now she’s happy that it will be a photo that will make a great keepsake.

“This is a moment that is precious because when the moment is gone, it would not return,” she said, slipping comfortably into Mandarin, as she described the experience.

“Even if I get pregnant again, it will be a different experience from what it is now.”

Fann Wong is expecting her first child, after five years of marriage with Christopher Lee.

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Weight management company, Marie France Bodyline, apparently has their eyes on Fann Wong for a long time, and had told the actress that they will be there to take care of her post-pregnancy slimming needs when she gets pregnant in the future.

Fann Wong said that she was touched by this sincerity.

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While her body is now taken care of by Marie France Bodyline, Fann Wong is also cautious when it comes to the rest of her beauty regime.

“Prior to the pregnancy, I was thinking (when I get pregnant) there are a lot of things I have to look into, I must be very careful, I cannot have my beauty regime anymore and I wonder how I would look like. Once I got pregnant, my appearance was the last agenda in my list, I just want to be healthy and be careful about a lot of things. So I haven’t done any facial or even massage.”

But of course, she still uses beauty products regularly.

“For my beauty products, I make sure they are all natural or organic.”

Fann Wong also spends 45 minutes to one hour walking in the pool since she entered her final trimester. She is due in August this year.

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Will she be going back to work immediately like how Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima walk the runway again just eight weeks after giving birth?

“I am actually reading scripts right now, but I don’t know when I’m going to start filming yet. I just want to enjoy my moment now with baby in my belly and look forward to meeting my baby, and after I give birth, I also want to spend precious time with my little one,” Fann said.

While scripts are already coming in, she hasn’t decided which one to accept yet, so she’s keeping her schedule opened for now.

“I’d like to be able to breastfeed exclusively for three months, and then see how it goes from there,” the actress said.

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And her beauty tips for first-time mothers?

“Of course some day you will have water retention and you won’t look like yourself. But I think all mothers are beautiful.”

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Here are also more photos of her, while at the interview with Daily Vanity:

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pregnant fanna wong interview daily vanity behind the scenes 4

pregnant fann wong interview daily vanity behind the scenes 5