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It’s the new year and we know it means that you’re tossing out the old.

But before you do that, there are packaging that you can give a new life to if you get a little creative and turn them into something useful!

Here are a few ideas to get you started. We’re sure you can come up with more creative ideas, and if you do, share with us on Instagram by tagging us!

1. Turn your candle holders into brush holders

You probably bought that Diptyque or Jo Malone candle not just because it smells good – also because the candle holder is gorgeous. It will be a shame to simply dump the holder when you’re done with the candle. Turn it into a container for your makeup brushes! Or, really, just about a container for anything you can think of – to hold stationery, cotton swabs, or a posy to dress up your table.

DV Tip: Soak the candle holder with hot water to melt any remaining wax left behind in it.

2. Reuse empty compacts as nifty containers

Turn Compact Case To Pill Case

If the compact that you’ve finished using has deep pans (cushion foundations!), you can transform it into a really cute pill case. Who says you can only bring around the plain-looking ones you get from pharmacies? But if your pans are shallow (like blusher compacts!), the case will make for a great holder for small items such as loose buttons. Now you’ll never lose them!

DV Tip: Alcohol swabs are great for cleaning out the pans.

3. Transform lipstick cases to gorgeous containers

Repurpose Lipsticks To Holders

For items that often get lost in your bag, your old lipstick cases are going to be a life-saver. Clean out whatever remains of your lipstick bullet and the empty case is now a gorgeous container for small items that are always misplaced. We think they make the best holders for bobby pins because of their long shape, but we’re sure you can think of other things you can put in them!

DV Tip: Soak the finished lipstick in makeup remover and then clean it out with a cotton swab.

Here’s a tutorial:

4. Make your old mascara brush into… several things

Use Mascara Wand To Tame Flyaways

Source: Sastodeal

You shouldn’t be using mascaras for more than three months. What this means is that, if you keep strictly to this rule, you’re going to have many old mascaras lying around. Instead of throwing them away, keep the mascara wands because they are really useful.

A few ways you can use it:

  • Spray hairspray, smooth it over flyaways to hold them down
  • They make for great brushes to clean around tiny areas like the corners of desks and between the keys on the keyboard
  • Instead of using your toothbrush to exfoliate chapped lips, mascara brushes are smaller, so they can get a more precise scrub

DV Tip: Pour an eye makeup remover into a glass and soak the mascara wand for a few minutes. Rinse off with warm water and until you can’t feel any remnants of mascara on it anymore.

5. Turn larger packaging into key or jewellery holders

We’re saving our favourite trick for the last. For empty packaging that aren’t just deep but also look gorgeous, transform them into either holders for your keys or even jewellery. We’re pretty sure the Guerlain Meteorites containers are perfect for this hack!