Maintaining a comprehensive beauty regime can sometimes take a toll on our pockets, even if we only go for good quality drugstore brands. While it’s impossible to cut back on the products when we run out (No way we are going to stop using moisturisers altogether!), you can save some money with these tips we are about to share. You’re welcome!

1. Save dried nail polish

nail polishes

Nail polishes aren’t very forgiving when you don’t use them for a while. They dry out and it may look as if you can’t use them anymore. Don’t be too quick to dump it out – there’s a way you can save it! Simply add a few drops of nail polish remover into the bottle, and then shake well. You should be able to use it in a few seconds.

2. Revive dried mascara


Is your mascara formula drying out and it doesn’t apply as well anymore? This can happen to mascaras that are either too old or if you leave it opened for too long. If your mascara is over three months old, you should throw it out. Using mascaras that are above three months old can potentially give you an eye infection. But if it’s not, and it has dried nonetheless, put the tube into a glass a warm water and then watch it come back to life!

3. Use beauty products till last drop

apply last drop of product

You may notice that some of the product still lies at the bottom of the bottle when you’re using it out. Don’t waste the last drops of it. Place your product upside down and let gravity do its job. This simple gesture ensures that every drop of product can be reaped. For tubes, consider cutting up the top (furthest from the opening) to get the final bit out for the last time.

4. Make your makeup pencils last longer

eyeliner according to astrological signs

You must have experienced this: your eyeliner pencils crumble when it touches the blade of the sharpeners. Before you know it, you’ve wasted most of it because you simply can’t get the sharp edge that you want. The trick to get your eyeliner pencils, brow pencils, or lip liners to stay strong in the face of sharpeners is to put it in the fridge before you sharpen them. They will have less tendency to crumble after that.

5. Never buy a product that doesn’t work on you

beauty counter

Most skincare and makeup counters offer samples. You could always ask them for it – they’re meant to be given! That being said, we’re not encouraging you to get samples for free so you don’t need to buy them. Rather, you can save more money if you buy products after you’ve sampled them to ensure you won’t waste money on unsuitable ones.

Besides samples, did you also know that there are services that you can get at beauty counters and boutiques for free? Find out where you can get them!