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Time, money and pain – these are probably the three main factors we look at when considering the best method to get our unwanted hair sorted out. Don’t leave it to just which you “feel” is better. Daily Vanity approaches this in a logical manner and is going to give you the breakdown of how much time, money and pain, shaving, waxing and IPL are going to cost you over a lifetime. (For the sake of comparison, we are going to refer to the removal of leg hair for a 25-year-old who stops caring about unwanted hair at 60).


The time factor

Shaving: If you spend 10 minutes every time you shave and if you need to do it every three days, this will mean spending 709 hours with your razor in this lifetime.

Waxing: Assuming each session takes 40 minutes and you need to return every six weeks, this will work out to around 202 hours in the waxing parlour.

IPL: Each session will take approximately 15 minutes. Assuming you need ten sessions to sort out unwanted hair permanently and need to go for touch-ups every two years, this will work out to go for it once every two weeks, this will work out to approximately 44 hours spent on IPL in a lifetime.

Our verdict: IPL is definitely the best choice for the time-starved. Factor in the convenience of skipping all the worry about unwanted hair growth during lengthy overseas assignments or vacations, and you’ve got a deal-breaker in IPL.

It’s all about the money, money, money

Shaving: A razor with blade refills like Venus Embrace costs about $14 at Watsons. Assuming you change a new one every month, this will mean you’ll need to set aside $5,880 on razors in your lifetime.

Waxing: Strip charges $32 per session for waxing. Assuming you return every six weeks, you’ll be spending around $9,696 on waxing services this lifetime.

IPL: Strip charges $642 per session for IPL. Assuming 10 sessions and touch-ups every two years, it will work out to $109,140 for an entire life worth of IPL.

Our verdict: Razors still rise above waxing and IPL when it all comes down to cash.

No pain, no gain

Shaving: Shaving will probably remain the best choice for the pain-intolerant, even with the occasional nick or burn. Turning up the water heater and using a moisturising shaving cream may serve to work wonders in preventing such little mishaps.

Waxing: It is probably the most teeth-gritting of the three anti-frizz method. While some of us have already gotten used to it, you have to agree that it isn’t a sensation that you look forward to.

IPL: Often described as the feeling of a rubber band hitting your skin, this is perceived by most as more bearable than waxing.

Our verdict: Shaving is definitely the way to go if you prefer the most comfortable hair-removal experience.