Based on observation of 2013 Fortune’s 50 most powerful women, it’s not hard to notice that short-haired women are the majority of the power list.

The women in the list may not hail from Singapore, but even a quick checking off Singapore’s most prominent power women: Temasek Holdings’ Ho Ching, SingTel’s Chua Sock Koong, and Hyflux’s Olivia Lum, shows that short (hair) seems to be synonymous with success.


Left: Chua Sock Koong. Right: Olivia Lum

It could be because short hair gives a more fuss-free feeling, perhaps an indication that the woman in charge is more concerned with spending her precious time in business, rather than fixing her hair. And some may argue that short hair plays down the appearance of femininity, an advantage in a play field that’s dominated by men.

Nonetheless, we’re not entirely for the idea of chopping off your locks for the sake of getting ahead in your career. Opt for hairstyles that look neat and fuss-free while allowing you to let your hair down (pardon the pun) when you need to. We have these recommendations:

Transform Long Hair Into Short Bob

Long hair can be easily transformed into short locks with the help of bobby pins. Who says you can’t fake it till you make it? Watch this tutorial to see how you can do it:

Bun Up Your Hair

Putting your hair into a bun ensures that your long hair looks neat and professional for work. If you find a bun too boring, consider embellishing the hairdo with an understated hairband or hair clip. While there are many ways of putting your hair into a bun, we particularly like this low bun because of how sleek it looks without compromising on style:

Braid & Tuck

This way of styling your hair gives an elegant touch to a neat ‘do that’s work-appropriate. Here are two ways of doing the braid and tuck, with results we absolutely love:

Tie A Sleek Ponytail

Your regular ponytail may look too school-girlish or even sloppy, at worst. A runway-inspired sleek, low ponytail, will work better in your favour, if you’re aiming for that chance for promotion.

Here’s how to get it right:

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