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Have you stock up your red shirts or decided if you want to paint your face (with makeup!) inspired by our National flag?

As we celebrate the nation’s 48th birthday in a few days, we scoured the world wide web for nail art inspirations that we think will add to the preparation (which include hanging out our flag) we’ve made to celebrate Singapore’s independence.

Red and white houndstooth nails

Houndstooth prints are a classic and they kind of resemble artistic stars, don’t they?


From http://nailnerd.com

Glitter Singapore flag nails

Get our iconic five star emblem on the thumb and red and white polka dots for the other digits. Don’t forget glitter polish to add to the celebratory mood.

singapore national day manicure

From www.thesubtleshimmer.com

Half red and white nails

The easiest way to paint your nails to emulate the flag is probably to get half of your nail red, and the other half white. Add cute dots to the side and it looks like your nails are suited up for the big day.

polka dot red and white nails

From www.gogirlies.com

Candylicious red and white nails

Mix it all up and get each of your nail a different dress. Are you ready to wave your hands in the air as your sing Count on me, Singapore?


From http://thefifthparlour.wordpress.com

Glitter red and white stripes nails

I know we’ve said it, but let’s say it again – get all glittered up for a festive mood. This is an easy-to-do nail look that is wearable yet relevant.

red and whiteglitternailpolish - whiteglitternailpolish for christmas-f50702

From http://thepolishwell.blogspot.sg/