It’s back again. We’re talking about the haze situation in Singapore. This is caused by forest fires burning in Sumatra, and while it looks to have cleared up a bit, reports suggest that it will not absolutely clear just yet.

haze in singapore


You’ve probably already got ready your masks for the season, but as the fires continue to loom on in Indonesia, don’t forget to take extra care of your skin and hair too; haze can have a big impact on them. We’ll leave health tips to the doctors, but we’re here to share some beauty tips to haze-proof your skin and hair.

1. No wet hair
drying hair

Fungi and bacteria thrive in wet and dark areas – exactly what your scalp sounds like when your hair is wet. If you have to head outdoors and brave the haze, make sure your hair is dry before you do so.

2. Wash thoroughly

washing hair

Dust particles are likely to have landed on the surface of your hair. Make sure they won’t remained trapped within your locks by giving it a thorough wash after you get home. For an effective wash, lather your shampoo first, then apply the foam onto your hair. If you’ve been outdoors for a long time, consider a double cleansing – it’s the same way as you’d double cleanse your face: after rinsing off the shampoo for the first time, apply shampoo again and rinse off for a second time. If your hair and scalp is dry, don’t try double-cleansing.

3. Comb after drying your hair

comb hair

Pollution from haze can cause more tangles. Combing helps to evenly distribute natural oil throughout your hair and makes it more smooth.

4. Use hair mask

hair mask

The pollutants are bound to cause harm to your hair. Repair the damage caused by the aggressors by pampering your tresses with hair mask.

5. Cleanse your skin

cleansing face 2

Smog and dust can also create free radicals when they interact with UV rays. Free radicals are highly-charged oxygen molecules that attack our cells and damage our DNA. This can cause harm to our body and skin, and they are the greatest culprit to discolouration, fine lines and dullness in our skin. So, remember to take extra care of your skin when the haze comes too.

The smog is certainly forming a layer of dust on your skin, so remember to remove your makeup thoroughly when you’re home. Opt for a facial scrub that can help exfoliate too.

6. Moisturise

apply moisturiser

The smog can be the cause of dryness in your skin, so remember to hydrate. Moisturiser also helps lock in the goodness from the skincare products you’ve applied, and acts as a barrier between your skin and the environmental aggressors. Never leave your house without applying moisturiser.

7. Don’t forget your sunscreen
apply sunscreen when there is haze

Another product you should never forget to apply before leaving your house is sunscreen. Remember how free radicals are formed when smog comes in contact with UV rays? (See point #5.) While the haze is giving an illusion of “shade” from the sun, you’re still constantly exposed to UV rays that are damaging for the skin, and with its effects worsened now, no thanks to the smog.

Bonus tip! Pile up on antioxidants

Antioxidants are great for fighting free radical damage that your sunscreen didn’t manage to protect you from in the day. Antioxidants reverse the effects of free radical damage and you should incorporate products that are fortified with antioxidants especially into your night regime. Look out for products with vitamin C and E, these are common ingredients that have potent antioxidant properties. If you’re looking out for products that are specifically formulated for anti-pollution, check out our anti-pollution beauty product recommendations.