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Combination skin is insanely tricky to deal with. According to WebMD, this problematic skin type can cause blackheads, shiny skin and over dilated pores. Because of the complexity, most people tend to commit mistakes they’re unaware of. Do not fret about it, we’re here to help!

Do you have combination skin? It is when you have an oily T-zone while other parts of your face is dry and sometimes flaky.

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1. You’re Using Products For Oily Skin

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Using products for oily skin when you’re suffering from combination skin is like taking panadol for diarrhoea – it doesn’t work that way. Your skin will become even drier and exposed to bacteria.

2. Or, You’re Using Products For Dry Skin

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Again, here’s another common mistake. This makes sense, because it doesn’t target the oily T-zone. Instead, consider a product like Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. It removes oil without drying the skin. Otherwise, seek out products that are formulated specifically for combination skin.

3. You’re Using The Same Moisturiser For Your Entire Face

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Consider using a rich cream for dry areas such as your cheeks. But for the T-zone that oils up easily, opt for a gel-based moisturiser.

4. You’re Using Facial Mist Too Much

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Woah, slow down! Don’t overdo it. Excessive use of facial mist can sometimes lead to dry skin, particularly when you don’t pat dry using a tissue paper. This is because when the mist evaporates naturally from your skin, it may take hydration that was originally in your skin, along with it. For the best results, use it 2-3 times per day and always remember to pat the excess mist dry.

5. You’re Using The Wrong BB Cream

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When our face is caked in oily petroleum-based make-up, it can’t breathe. Instead, opt for a cosmetic product that’s packed with UV protection, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and antioxidant benefits. The Estée Lauder Daywear BB Anti-Oxidant Beauty Benefit Creme SPF 35 is one great example.

6. You’re Using Oil-absorbing Sheets (The Wrong Way)

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Back then, oil-absorbing sheets were all the rage. The million dollar question is: are you using it right? For instance, it’s not recommended to use these sheets excessively as they’re known to make your skin even drier. (Dry skin produces more oil.) More importantly, don’t rub your skin with them. Pat, or better yet, get clean paper towels.

7. You’re Overusing The Toner

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Let moderation be your guide. It’s been proven that a toner overuse could lead to drying of the skin. Our suggestion: get an alcohol-free toner and apply it using a cotton pad. Go easy on it and be gentle.

8. You’re Going Through An Intensive Acne Treatment

How To Take Care Of Skin While Wearing Mask Be Prepared To Deal With Acne Breakouts On Your Cheeks And Jaw

Combination skin and acne are linked. If you’re not careful enough, the intensive acne treatment will cause you a lot of problems. Some acne-fighting products are known to dry the skin. For the best results, swap them with products with hypoallergenic and paraben- and oil-free qualities. Always keep your skin hydrated!

9. You’re Not Reapplying Sunscreen

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Those with combination skin may find sunscreen too greasy to apply and reapply. If you want a healthy living, you gotta do it. Always reapply every two hours with a shot-glass of sunscreen. This doesn’t just concern combination skin by the way; everyone should be doing it, stat.

10. You Went To See The Wrong Dermatologist

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A good dermatologist is not easy to find. Some of them either come up with a misdiagnosis or are looking to make a quick buck. Do your own research and rely on the word of mouth! Ask around and make a comparison chart. It sounds a little OCD, but trust us, it pays in the long run.

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