The most commonly-heard yet least applied makeup step is contouring and highlighting your face. Often when you apply foundation in a homogeneous way, you may look in the mirror and discover a rounder you. Imagine Anpanman. This is because foundation evens out your skin tone, and hides the natural “shadow effect” of your bare skin. Thankfully, there are easy ways to look slimmer with some makeup techniques without the need to actually shed a few pounds.

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1. Contour and highlight!

Remember we mention that well-applied foundation conceals any shadow on your bare skin? Contouring and highlighting is, hence, an important, cannot-be-neglected step to add definition to your features.

If you want to learn more about contouring and highlighting, throwback to our article (5 Steps to Contouring & Highlighting) to find out more. If you prefer a step by step visual guide, hear from YouTuber Jen in her Basics: How to Contour tutorial. Once you’ve caught the essence of this life-changing makeup technique, remember, there are many ways to contour as everyone’s face shape is unique. You also don’t always have to look runway-ready.

2. Define your brows

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Straight brows may be the talk of the town last year, but it is not helpful in creating a slimmer you this year. Instead, opt for a  full, well-defined eyebrows with a natural arch. If you’re unsure of the brow shape which best compliments you, visit a trusted beautician to get your brows done. It’s a worthy investment to look effortlessly beautiful.

Psst… Not enough time to do a full face of makeup? Just fill in your brows and put on a touch of mascara, you’ll be good to go!

3. Opt for brilliant eyes

highlighting eyeshadow

Bringing emphasis to your eyes will naturally create an illusion of a slimmer frame. For an everyday look, brighten your eye with a natural shimmer eye shadow at the corner of your eyes. Next, add a neutral brown in the middle of your eyelids and blend together with a darker shade from the corner of your eyes. If you’re new with makeup or just want to cut down on the hassle, try eyeshadow crayons instead! A quick color across your lids will bring life to your peepers.

Don’t forget to finish your look with eyeliner across your upper lash line and opening your lashes with a curler and a swipe of mascara.

Quick tips: for a more natural look, you may choose to tight-line your eyes (fill in the gaps between and under your lashes). Mascaras with a skinny brush are excellent for holding curls and avoiding those spider leg clumps.

4. Apply foundation the smart way

applying foundation

Remember what we said about the one-tone foundation Anpanman look? If you’re rushing for time and do not want to have a “flat and round” face,  combine contouring and highlighting into your foundation routine. Start your foundation from the centre of your face (your nose, the centre of your forehead and chin, and the centre of your cheeks), and work outwards from there. Instead of applying your foundation homogeneously, focus coverage on these areas as you usually get most redness in your T-zone. The different intensity of foundation also helps give definition to your face.

5. No Barbie blush

Barbie blush

Not this.

Circular pink cheeks may seem adorable on your childhood dolls, but they’ll certainly not help achieve your desired chiselled face. Instead of applying your blusher from the centre of your cheeks, sweep your brush from the top of your cheekbones (near to your ears) to the centre of your cheeks. This way, the blusher will create a gradient, sun-kissed look, darker at the side of your face and lighter on the balls of your cheeks. Instant definition!