You must have noticed the change in the air – Christmas is around the corner. The malls are filled with Christmas goodies, reminding you that the most wonderful time of the year is here. With year-end parties and company events scheduled, have you had your beauty routine planned out too? Get party-ready by following these tips and count down towards a better new year with us.

45 days before party: Work on your body

The most dreadful and time-consuming item on your to-do list is to achieve a party-ready body. Besides being able to fit perfectly into that gorgeous dress you’ve saved for the year-end party, you have to prime yourself in advance for the sinful feasting that’s bound to happen during the festive season.

Start with watching your diet. We generally need 1,200 calories per day, so aim to consume between 1,000 calories and 1,200 calories per day by counting exactly what you eat. The type of calories you consume is important too; avoid fried food and foods that are high in carbohydrate, and go for high-protein and fibre foods instead.

An aggressive fitness programme may help to shed some pounds. Look to aerobics exercises at least five times a week for 30 minutes each time.

Try: If your busy schedule prevents you from having a strict diet and fitness regime, help from the slimming professionals can be a quick and easy solution. The SpotReduction technique by BodyPerfect is an effective contouring treatment that targets problem areas, which is helpful even if you don’t have a general weight issue. Their multi-technology slimming approach combines the latest aesthetics technology with proven signature body wraps that target fat, increase lean mass, and improve lymphatic health to prevent weight rebound.


Unlike most other slimming studios that rely on just one or two systems to freeze or sweat away fat, Body Perfect’s Body Balance Composition shows that fat is targeted during every treatment, with modern array of treatment technologies.

  • 40k Caviation provides non-surgical liposuction with a specially-set ultrasonic machine. Loosely-bound fatty acid chains are dislodged and broken down into the blood stream and are removed naturally through metabolism;
  • VelaSmooth is an FDA-approved technology that helps with skin tightening and circumferential reduction. It comprises four technologies in one applicator: Bipolar Radio Frequency, Infra-Red, Negative pressure, and Massage Rollers. Cumulatively, VelaSmooth can tighten skin, enhance fat burn, and improve lymphatic response simultaneously.
  • Brown Fat Mobilisation System (BFMS) works by hastening the excretion of broken down fat cells from body via thermal rejection; which is a controlled cooling process. The enhanced circulation brought about by the system helps ensure fat lipids will not retain in the body for too long such that they get reabsorbed by the body.

janice fion

Blogger Janice Fion visited Body Perfect for eight visits over 28 days and lost 2.3kg overall, including 1.35kg of body fat, and dropped more than one dress size. This was achieved without any exercise or diet. Check out her blog entry to find out more about her experience.

30 days before party: Fix your skin

The only thing that glows during Christmas doesn’t have to be Rudolph’s nose – your complexion should too! Good complexion forms the basics to any party makeup look, and you definitely want to make sure your skin is in tip-top condition as you appear in all the selfies, with or without photography filters.

Get your basics right by making sure you have a comprehensive skincare routine if you haven’t had one. It should at least consist of a cleanser, a toner, a serum that addresses your skincare concern, a moisturiser, and a sunscreen. Weekly masks are also a good way to give your skin a booster from time to time.

Try: When a basic skincare regime is not helping and you cannot risk down time from invasive procedures, try the 3 Visit Aesthetics Facial Programme by SkinPerfect, which promises better skin in 28 days. They recommend a different facial treatment every consecutive seven days to match your skin’s renewal cycle. Daily Dermal Renewal (DDR) is administered on the first visit, using 5% AHA chemical peel that helps to slough away uneven skin layers, soften comedones and black heads. At the second visit, the SkinSaver DeepCleanse Extraction utilises Hi-Frequency and LED PhotoModulation extract blackheads and kill the bacteria that cause acne. A healing oxygen mask is used to promote skin regeneration. On the third visit, SMASLift facial uses the latest High Intensity Focus Ultrasound restructure collagen up 4.5mm deep so that the appearance of static wrinkles can be reduced. Dynamic wrinkles are then ironed out with Multipolar RadioFrequency.

14 days before party: Let your hair down

It’s time to call up your hairstylist for an appointment. Schedule for a hair spa – you really deserve one – that focuses on relaxation, as well as scalp-cleansing and giving your hair a better texture. Doing this two weeks before the partying season will ensure that your hairstyle will hold well, and at the same time, to prime your hair for any styling damage during that period. Get a trim to achieve an easy-to-style hairdo too. This will enable you to achieve any styles you want during the festive period, and at the same time, you can definitely do with a new look to welcome 2016.


Tip: Never get a new hairdo right before a big day. You run the risk of feeling self-conscious on that day. Getting it around two weeks before the party gives you time to get used to the hair, understand how to style it, and also allows some time for you to do corrective trimming should you really hate the new look.

Two days before party: Doll yourself up

Start planning the look you’re intending to do for the upcoming parties. Check to make sure that your favourite eyeshadows or blusher don’t need replenishing, and that you’re familiar with the products you’re working with. If you’re intending to do a new look that you’ve just learnt on YouTube, give it a trial at least two days before the party. This way, you’ll be familiar with the steps and products (so you won’t struggle and run late for your party!) and will feel comfortable with the new look you’re experimenting for Christmas.

Tip: If you wish to do a look that’s different from your usual but don’t want to invest in a brand new eyeshadow palette, get a new lip colour instead. It is the easiest way to change up from your usual makeup look; it’s fun and you don’t need to learn how to use anything new.