Cracked heels are not cute – especially when you wear flip flops or strappy sandals for the weekend. Besides, it can be quite uncomfortable to feel the extreme dryness of your feet when you accidentally brush your foot on your calf as you’re lying down enjoying a weekend movie. Then, when you get annoyed by it, you’ll want to peel it. And when you peel it, there is a chance it might bleed. The solution?

Feet spa? Nope.

Weekly pedicure sessions? Too tough to maintain them.

All you need is a pair of socks and a moisturising cream or lotion. It can be Vaseline, Nivea cream, or any sort of body butter that is extremely moisturising. Watch the video below on how to do it and another product you can use before slathering the lotion on.

Say goodbye to cracked heels and dry feet!