Happy Lunar New Year!

The last time I had centre parted hair was probably when I was in primary school. I was finally “allowed” to grow out my fringe and say goodbye to straight and short bangs and am excited to join league of classmates who sported the centre parting look.

And then suddenly, nobody wears their hair parting at the centre anymore.

chloe centre parting

Spring 2014: Chloé

For the past few fashion seasons, centre partings have been making a subtle appearance. However, Spring/Summer 2014 is the time for them to get back onto the beauty radar. From Chloé to Versace, models are wearing centre partings and we guess it’s time we revisit this look.

versace centre parting

Spring 2014: Versace

Check out these tips on how to wear it right.

  • Not everyone can wear centre partings: Unfortunately, it’s dependent on our face shape. If you have an oval face shape – go ahead and wear it! Round face? Your face will look even rounder when you part your fringe at the centre.
  • Get volume: A common problem that we’ll face when we part our fringe to the centre is that our hair will look flatter. To address this problem, blow-dry your roots from the roots to create volume. Add curls to the rest of your hair too, if you still think your hair looks dead.
  • Cheat: Go slightly off-centre or leave a few wisps of hair in the centre if defined centre partings are just not suitable for you. Consider wearing a hairband to take the attention off your new parting too.