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Anyone travelling during this period? Most countries are experiencing summer – this means hot, scorching weather that may even be worse than Singapore’s. Whether you’re travelling this summer or just staying in Singapore to continue experiencing our year-long summer, gear yourself up! See what Daily Vanity has in our summer kit.

Sun Protection Series Beauty Products

From left:

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Cream Whitening, SPF50+ (SGD18.90): You already know I love the texture of the Biore UV Aqua Rich sunscreen because of its watery, super lightweight texture, as well as the refreshing citrus scent. Now the brand launches a whitening version of the sunscreen, retaining the same properties that I love but with the added benefit of whitening. If you’re going to be out in the sun a lot, this is definitely a great product to consider.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist: If you’re constantly in hot, sunny weather, remember to drink up. We’re not just talking about water, but also hydrating your skin. This mist from Chanel is formulated by the Camellia, the signature flower of Chanel, as well as Blue Ginger PFA, a potent antioxidant. Together, they deliver hydration and energy to the skin as you freshen up or set your makeup during touch ups. Compared to other makeup mist I’ve tried, I really love the sensation it brings to my skin that immediately perks it up. The subtle scent is also very refreshing.

Yves Saint Laurent Palette City Drive (SGD88): Made up of browns and neutrals, this palette is the must-have for any travel – it’s so easy to create looks with these colours! The pigment is also saturated and long-lasting, making this palette perfect for hot, humid weather. Of course, this one gets our vote too because of its super classy packaging. You’d definitely want to be holding it in the bathroom when you do your touch up.

Apivita Express Beauty with Cucumber: Cucumbers are known for its soothing and cooling properties and this is what you need to heal your skin from the scorching sun. You probably already know how we love the Express Beauty masks by Apivita because of how travel-friendly it is, since they’re packed in small sachets.

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede (SGD97): This is only coming out in September. The light floral scent is very summer-appropriate (peony is a summer flower!) and can give you the warmth of that season even after it’s over.


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