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Peekaboo! Surprise, surprise! While we can’t receive pleasant surprises everyday, there’s way we can impress: with hairstyles that look normal from the front, but a party at the back. Here are six celebrity inspirations:

1. Gwen Stefani

Known for her punk hairstyles from her No Doubt days, Gwen has the funky edge in her even after becoming a mum to two kids. From the front, it looks like all she has are side swept bangs with probably a simple ponytail

Party in the Back Hair_Gwen Stefani 1But guess what – she turns her back and there – two small buns! Who would have thought?

Party in the Back Hair_Gwen Stefani 2


Clearly this look is not for everyone and some may even think it looks horrible. But honestly, with a devil-may-care demeanour like hers, this hairstyle just looks darn cool.

2. Kelly Osbourne

Can we just take a moment to drool over her purple hair? She’s one of the rare people who can pull off purple hair and style it well.

Party in the Back Hair_Kelly Osbourne


For an event, she had her hair in an updo. From the front it looks like a regular bun, but the details at the back are crazy! Studded headpiece paired with a few braids that pull back to make the bun? A perfect match with her edgy personality.

3. Jessica Alba

Surprising Hair from the Back_Jessica Alba

This is like putting a little flavour into a typical ballerina bun. Here, Jessica Alba has a Dutch braid coming from the nape of her neck and is joined together with the bun on top of her head. It’s a really unique updo that can be worn on a really hot day, for a date or a special occasion. You can also substitute the Dutch braid with a regular french braid!

4. Nina Dobrev

Surprising Hair From the Back_ Nina Dobrev 1

If a high bun is not your thing, try a low one just like Nina Dobrevs’. Low buns can be styled in a very romantic way and all it takes is just a bit of experimenting and a lot of hairspray and bobby pins.

Surprising Hair From the Back_Nina Dobrev 2

It seems like she has a her bangs twisted and pinned back into her low bun that looks like it has been messily braided prior to assembling the bun itself. The messy braid gives the bun a little bit more texture. She also has a few pieces of hair from her bangs that has been let down to frame her face.

5. Nicole Kidman

Surprising Hair From the Back_Nicole Kidman

Now this is one intricate looking hair do! It looks really messy from the front, but somehow, it works. The hair is pulled back again, into a low bun, and it’s made out a mixture of thin and thick braids that spiral together to create the bun.

6. Taylor Swift


Surprising Hair from the Back _Taylor Swift

As you can probably tell, low buns are the easiest updos to experiment with and manipulate. You can experiment with different types of braids and the placement of braids. Low buns are also the most romantic type of hairdos.

For one of the red carpet events, Taylor Swift has a braid that goes across her head- making it seem like she’s wearing a headband. And we suppose, her hairstylist for that day experimented and came up with an intricate braided low bun that even we can’t accurately pick out what type of braid it is.

So let your hair down and experiment with what you can do with them. You might like what you accidentally came up with!