Singapore’s humid weather is our greatest enemy when it comes to the longevity of our makeup. It’s common for us to see our foundation creasing, eyeshadow turning gooey, and mascara ending up below our eyes, looking like we have a bad case of dark eye circles, right after lunch.

Don’t need to feel demoralise after spending so much time in the morning perfecting smokey eyes, or resolve to go makeup-free instead. Arm yourself with the following essentials and you can turn the mess around.

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1. Handheld mirror


While it’s true that most toilets come with mirrors, it can be tough going close to it to get a better look at the mess, and worse, sometimes going too close to the sink can mean wetting your blouse or skirt. You also won’t want to be seen hogging the mirror. Carry with you a mirror that preferably enlarges your features so you can precisely do your touch-up.

2. Cotton swabs


Cotton swabs (or Q-tips) are your best friend to clean up any mess – from cakey eyeshadow to mascara fallout. You can also use it to pick away dry flakes from your lips so your bold lip colour still look sexy.

3. Lip balm

lip balm

These aren’t just good for refreshing your lips, they’re also a great way to get rid of fallout. While it’s tough to carry around a bottle of makeup remover, you can instead dab your Q-tip with some lip balm to remove stains and flakes.

4. Blotting papers

blotting paper

These can be used to blot away any grease on the skin or eyelids before you proceed to powder up and touch-up. Not removing the grease can only cause your makeup to cake even more.

5. Alcohol swabs

alcohol swabs

Alcohol swabs are great for cleaning applicators that come with your eyeshadow palettes so you can quickly make them new again to pick up the colours you want. This can also be used to remove persistent fallout. However, don’t get it too close to your eyes because it can cause irritation, nor use it on too much of your skin or risk drying it out.

What else do you bring along to assist with midday touch-ups?