Bright skin is an indication of healthy skin. Work towards achieving radiance for your skin, and you’ll find that you’re eradicating skin problems like uneven skin tone, poor skin texture, pigmentation and signs of ageing.

There’s a huge encyclopedia of knowledge related to this topic, and we are presenting to you the fundamental ones, from A to Z.

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We’ll let you in on an ancient beauty secret: Queen Cleopatra is said to bath in sour goat’s milk regularly. The lactic acid from sour milk is one of the acids that is commonly found in modern AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) peels. AHA helps remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin so skin looks more radiant immediately.

B – Brightening masks

You are to choose your masks based on the skin concerns you’d like to address, but if you have a big day, go for a brightening mask the night before. If you only have time to fix one issue, then opt for glowing skin.

C – Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great form of anti-oxidant and has potent brightening benefits. Besides incorporating it in your daily diet, look out for products that contain this ingredient if you want to brighten up your skin.

D – Dull complexion

Whitening isn’t just about eliminating the appearance of dark spots, such as brown spots, freckles and age spots. It is also about brightening up dull complexion that makes you look fatigue.

E – Exfoliate

Form the good habit of exfoliating regularly – at least once a week. By sloughing off dead skin cells, you ensure that new skin that looks radiant can emerge, and at the same time, allow skincare products to penetrate the skin more easily.

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F – Food

Your diet affects how your skin looks. If you’re on a brightening regime, supplement its effects with a brightening diet, made up of fruits like strawberries and kiwis, which are rich in vitamin C.

G – Glycation

Glycation in the proteins of the skin is what cause your skin tone to look sallow, and the loss in elasticity. To slow down the rate of glycation, cut down sugar intake and quit smoking, if you do.

H – Hyperpigmentation

This is a skin condition that happens when there’s an over-production of melanin. It can typically only be treated using lasers, at a doctor’s clinic.

I – Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the causes of hyperpigmentation.It can be caused by acne, skin injury, allergic reaction, medication and skin injury, triggered by trauma on the skin. Melanin production may increase because of an inflammatory response, so in some cases, you may have to treat inflamed skin, before you can achieve brighter skin.


J – Juicing

Some experts are advocating juicing as a means to “detox” and achieving the appearance of brighter skin. While this hasn’t exactly been scientifically-proven, it is an area you may want to explore.

K – Vitamin K

Vitamin K can help alleviate the look of spider veins, scars, and used topically to treat rosacea. It is also a great nutrient for speeding up skin healing and swelling, which can be of help when you are treating pimples. If these problems are what’s preventing you from achieving bright skin, vitamin K may just be your solution. It can be found in leafy green vegetables.

L – Laser treatment

The most proven way of treating dark spots on the skin is laser treatment. Visit a certified doctor to find out more about this non-invasive solution.

M – Melanin

Melanin is a naturally-occurring pigment that protects our skin from the sun’s rays. However, over-exposure in the sun can cause an over-production and accumulation of melanin, which is the cause of spots on the skin.


N – No sun-tanning

You know how detrimental UV rays are to your skin. Avoid sun-tanning as far as you can, to keep your skin looking radiant.

O – Omega-3

Scientists have found that omega-3 is great for curing acne, and also delivering clear skin. This nutrient can be found in fatty fishes such as salmon, tuna and cod.

P – Pasty skin

Whitening is not about achieving pasty-looking skin. In fact, pasty skin is an indication of unhealthy skin. Strive for an even complexion that looks like it’s glowing instead.

Q – Quit smoking

Smoking isn’t just bad for the health, it is also bad for your skin. Free radicals from cigarette-smoking are the cause of ageing, and also speed up glycation (see G).


R – Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcoholic drinks dehydrate the body and are bad for your skin too. Consuming alcohol can cause your blood vessels to dilate, and overtime, can cause red veins to appear. Dermatologists will also recommend a reduction of alcohol consumption if you don’t want problems like rosacea to deteriorate.

S – Sunscreen

Always remember that the sunscreen is your best friend towards brighter complexion. Even when you’re indoors, apply sunscreen. This is because the UVA rays are able to penetrate through windows and clothing.

T – Tea

Research has shown that tea can lower peroxides, and is also a great form of anti-oxidant. Drink it regularly to improve your skin’s texture and prevent signs of ageing from appearing.

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U – UVA rays

There are three types of UV rays: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC are cancer-causing rays can be blocked out by the ozone. UVB is what makes your skin burn under the sun. But when it comes to skincare, what we are most worried about is UVA rays, which damage your skin and cause the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation. Choose sunscreens that come with the PA+ symbols because this is an indication that it gives your protection against UVA rays.

V – Vegetables

Your mother is probably wasn’t thinking about your skin when she asked you to eat up your vegetables when you were a kid. But this habit that she’s inculcating in you have great benefits if you wish to have radiant skin.

W – Whitening

This word is sometimes used inter-exchangeably with “brightening”. It does not refer to changing your genetic skin colour, but clear, radiant skin that has smooth texture, free from blemishes and looks like it’s glowing.

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X – (e)Xtra cleansing

Unless you’re using a makeup remover that specifies that no double cleansing is required, you have to double cleanse. This means that after using your makeup remover, wash your face again with a cleanser. Getting rid of all traces of makeup is important because the colours from your makeup can stain your skin permanently in the long run.

Y – Youthfulness

One of the benefits of brighter skin is that it is an indication of healthy skin and youthfulness.

Z – Zzz

Our skin repairs itself at night and so it is important to get sufficient sleep if you want your skin to rejuvenate itself.

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