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Your tresses, your mane, your crowning glory – your hair is known by many names, and you know that to look great and feel confident, you’ll need beautiful locks that can turn heads. Every woman has her own set of hair problem, we identified some of the most common ones and compiled this guide that everyone is going to benefit from.

hair problems and solutions

1. Your hair is dry and limp

Your hair looks tired and flat, and no styling product seems to help you achieve more voluminous-looking hair. In fact, if anything, they seem to weigh them down even more.

Tip: The blow-dryer is your best friend. Bend at your waist and flip your hair over, to blow dry your hair from its roots. This helps give your hair the lift that it needs.

Dove Volume & Nourishment Key Visual

Try: The new Dove Volume & Nourishment hair products. The new collection that consists of a shampoo (SGD8.50 for 340ml or SGD12.90 for 680ml) and a conditioner (SGD8.50 for 330ml or SGD12.90 for 660ml)  that are already launched, and the Root Lift Spray (SGD16.90 for 110ml) that’s launching this month. It boasts the bold promise of offering your hair 95% more volume right after you use the shampoo and conditioner combo. This works, thanks to the Oxyfusion Technology, an oxygen-fused conditioning ingredient, in the product, which helps to moisturise the hair, and breathe life into it.

2. Your hair is frizzy and unruly

Your hair is the stark opposite of the previous problem, but it’s not anything to be envious about – it’s so unruly, it looks like it has a life of its own! It’s impossible to achieve any hairstyles because you can’t even get it tamed.

Tip: Sleep on pillows with silk covers to prevent further frizzing of your hair.

Keratin Smooth Frizz Eraser Leave-In Spray

Try: The new L’Oreal Paris Keratin Smooth range of products, which promises to give you 72 hours of frizz-free hair. Besides the shampoo (SGD13.90) and conditioner (SGD13.90) , the Keratin Smooth Frizz Eraser Leave-In Spray (SGD16.90) is an interesting product that you should check out. This is infused with the Micro-Keratin technology and Thermo-Protect Active, to smoothen our your hair fibres and protect your hair against heat respectively. You can use it on either wet or dry hair, and we think that it’s convenient packaging makes it a breeze to bring along for on-the-go touch-ups too.

3. You have damaged hair

It could be due to extended exposure to the sun, chemicals in the pool, or chemicals from hair procedures, but your hair looks unhealthy, dead, and split ends are common. You’re tempted to snip your tresses off as a solution to this problem.

Tip: Take a sabbath from hair procedures like Brazilian blowouts and hair colouring. These are packed with chemicals that seep into your porous hair, damaging your tresses from within.

TDC 3 Minute Miracle

Try: Pantene 3 Minute Miracle (SGD8.90). This is a new super-conditioner that promises to repair three months of hair damage in just three minutes. Less effort required than a mask, this is a product you can use every day (it’s a conditioner after all!) so it’s really a commitment-free solution to add to your hair routine. The product works because of an improved cationic polymer that has been added to Pantene’s usual Pro-V complex that is in many of its products, and these help to smoothen and protect hair fibres. This conditioner also carries 80% more key conditioning ingredients compared to Pantene’s regular conditioner, which means that it really is a heavy-duty product for those who need, well, a miracle. Here’s a tip: You can use this for styling while it conditions your hair too.

4. Your hair is thinning

You are seeing more breakage and hair fall, and your hair just doesn’t look as voluminous as before. Thinning hair doesn’t just happen to people who are older. Because of the hectic lifestyles that people are leading these days, hair that’s prone to breakage and shedding have become more common.

Tip: Include more leafy vegetables like spinach, and proteins like tofu and red meats in your daily diet. These are fortified with iron, biotin and zinc, which play a role in hair growth and strengthening.

Viviscal Professional

Try: Viviscal Professional (SGD120 for a box of 60 tablets). Nutrition is indeed a key factor to rescuing hair loss cases, and this new dietary supplement has been recommended by A-listers like Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kate Hudson, because of its ability to nourish hair that’s prone to breakage from hairstyling. Drug-free and containing ingredients of natural origins, the Viviscal Professional nourishes hair with a blend of nutrients including Biotin, Vitamin C, and Apple Extract Powder. It is available at selected clinics and professional hair salons. For the full list visit http://www.viviscalprofessional.com.sg/where-to-buy/.

5. You want smoother, shinier hair

You don’t suffer from any major hair problems but you wish that your hair looked smoother and shinier. You are looking for ways to make your hair’s texture even more irresistible than it is now.

Tip: Avoid over-washing your hair. Shampooing it once a day is good enough. Over-washing it will strip your hair of its natural oils, making your hair look more lacklustre.

Wella SP Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir

Try: Wella SP Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir. Enriched with a blend of three precious oils (argan oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil), this leave-in product protects and conditions your hair. is a luxurious, reconstructive elixir developed to instantly transform hair texture. This new product is superior because of how small the molecules of the formula are, so they can penetrate deeply into your hair to lock in moisture and strengthen it from the inner cuticle. The oil also forms a protective layer around each individual hair to protect against damage, repairing every strand so even damaged hair is noticeably smoother. This product can be used on both wet and dry hair, and besides a daily booster, it can also be used as a prep product for colour treatments and styling.

6. You want healthier hair

You don’t see any significant hair issues, but you believe in maintaining good hair and scalp health, and want to take preventive measures to start caring for your hair before it suffers from any problem.

Tip: Treat your hair with care. This means to avoid heating devices, and if you do, always use a heat protectant. Also, avoid over-styling and subjecting it to too many hair procedures.

PHS Hairscience ADV Pre-Treatment Scalp Elixir

Try: PHS Hairscience ADV Pre-Treatment Scalp Elixir (SGD99). This is a unique product that we haven’t seen in other brands. An exfoliator for the scalp, it deeply cleanses and remove dead cells from the scalp so that any hair products that you use thereafter can be absorbed more readily. This is to be used before shampooing, and is available at PHS Hairscience salons, and in their e-store.