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There’s nothing more indulgent than spending time in a spa, hanging out with your therapist. And by hanging out, we mean having her give your skin a much-needed pampering, and walking out of the session feeling like a million bucks.

While we may only be able to afford the time and money to schedule for a spa retreat once in a while, it shouldn’t stop us from still indulging in a spa-quality session right in our own home, where the therapist is ourselves. If you’re ready to find out how, make yourself a cup of ginger tea, play some new-age music, and we are ready to spa-rty (that’s short for “spa party”!)

diy facial mask

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Step 1: Thorough cleanse

By this, we mean remove all traces of makeup and cleanse your skin thoroughly. You should begin your facial session with an absolutely clean face. Take it all off, and you’ll be ready to take off.

Exfoliating Basics_Clarisonic Aria.jpg copy

Try: Clarisonic Aria (SGD270). This sleek-looking cleansing device offers three speed settings so that you can opt for the intensity that you need, or prefer. We recommend a cleansing device for your numero uno in the routine, because it can efficiently cleanse your skin, and its gentle vibrations gives a comforting massage to the skin.

Step 2: Gentle peel

Eliminate the layer of dead skin cells that lie on the surface of your skin so that 1. it can better absorb the skincare goodness of the products you’re about to apply, 2. your skin can restore itself more effectively. If you’re afraid of irritation or drying, opt for a chemical exfoliator that makes use of acid to dissolve the dead skin cells.
Philosophy The Microdelivery PeelTry: Philosophy The Microdelivery Peel (SGD109). This is a two-step peel that’s great for home use but offers spa-quality results. The kit comes with two products: a vitamin C/peptide crystals scrub, and a lactic/salicylic acid activating gel. Together, they can quickly but gently exfoliate your skin.

Philosophy Overnight Anti-Ageing Microdelivery Peel

Bonus: If you really can’t find 30 minutes to complete the entire DIY regime, you can try the Microdelivery Overnight Anti-Ageing Peel (SGD129) by Philosophy. This is a new product that’s designed to work on skin throughout the night to improve signs of visible skin ageing (wrinkles, loss of firmness and enlarged pores). Like the Microdelivery Peel, it is also a two-step procedure that micro-exfoliates the skin, but also has the restorative benefits of an overnight sleep mask. For the time-starved, this means that you can go straight to sleep and end your facial session right after this step. This newly-launched product retails at Sephora stores and Philosophy boutiques.

Step 3: Clay mask

To get the impurities out from your pores, applying a clay mask is the way to go. Set the mask for approximately 10-15 minutes, such that the clay should be dry enough to cleanse off easily, but not till it’s totally hardened. Then, using a clean cloth that has been soaked in hot water (and then wrung dry), remove the clay mask.

Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

Try: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask (SGD45). This is formulated with Amazonian White Clay that promises to gently draw out oil, dirt, and toxins that clog your pores. It is also enriched with oatmeal and aloe vera that help soothe your skin.

Step 4: Mask that addresses your skin concern


If you’re bothered by dull complexion or pigmentation, go for a brightening mask. If ageing is a concern, consider a mask that’s designed for anti-ageing. However, if you don’t have a specific concern to address, we’ll recommend that you use a hydrating mask, because hydrated skin always looks like it’s glowing, and that’s what everybody wants of her skin. Leave this mask on for approximately 10-15 minutes.

Fresh Rose Mask

Try: Fresh Rose Mask (SGD95). This gel-mask is infused with real rose petals and pure rosewater, and hydrates and tones skin. Rinse it off with lukewarm water after that.

Step 5: Moisturiser

Finish off your DIY facial treatment with a moisturiser to seal in all the goodness. Spend some time to massage in the moisturiser for some extra pampering. If it’s in the day and you’re heading out after the facial session, remember to apply sunscreen.

EMK Face Cream

Try: EMK Placental Face Cream (SGD115). A favourite of celebrity Eva Longoria, this anti-ageing cream is filled with anti-oxidants, vitamin and minerals that your skin needs. It also boosts the skin’s natural defence so the healing and repairing skin improves. Don’t be daunted by the word “placental” in the product name, the brand is known for its use of botanical placenta, which, like human placenta, can help with skin regeneration. This brand has just arrived in Singapore and is available at Luxola and Lazada.

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